Blog Bits- Snippet-Style Blog Posts on Everything

Lower-carb foods to just SKIP: Pillsbury Sugar Free cake mix and frosting. Barely palatable, weird texture, plastic and oil flavored icing, and makes your stomach churn. It gives a very fake sense of dessert satisfaction, and keeps you farting some exceptionally foul gases through hours of whatever you’re doing in life, like watching a movie with your husband at a crowded theater…

Better options: First, I ‘d like to say that having no dessert at all would have been preferable to the cake. I would recommend the sugar free Oreos, just three of them, instead. Tastier, more satisfying, and in a small dose, easier on the internal balance. But real goods are even better. My daughter was here and I created a low-carb tortilla ‘sopapilla’ . I fried it gently in a little butter, added cinnamon, sprinkled stevia, and served it with 1/3 cup of plain Greek yogurt and a hot fruit/stevia syrup. FAR superior to any ‘sugar free’ case of bowel blow-out. Just being candid. 


The next installment of Run, Nicky Run is all in my head right now, and just needs to make it onto the screen. We’re going to find out that Nicky has a past, and someone who wants her dead. Nicky moved on in life and would like to forget her past,  but someone hasn’t forgotten, and five years won’t keep revenge from coming…


I’m at 128 pounds today. I haven’t run in four days due to a brand new job that starts at four in the morning, and a head cold. However, tomorrow I go back to a workout. Not running tomorrow, though. I’m going to do the Kathy Smith workout. A lot of squats and core work. 


A few stats: Regardless of exercise- over 30 grams, and up to about 45 grams of carbs, will maintain my weight, or cause a slow gain. 27 grams or lower, average per day, causes a slow loss. Good to know. I am 5’4″, fairly petite frame, pear-shaped. Hope that helps. I have a very active job and try to exercise for strength, toning, and health. Besides, I like to feel strong!


Dinner tonight: chicken sausage stir-fry with olive oil, mixed veggies, and mozzarella, and Parmesan. Dessert: The disgusting sugar-free “devil’s food cake”. Yeah, Devilish indeed. 


Life is interesting lived as an experiment, but much more fun to be lived as an adventure.


Time spent worrying about anything is a complete waste of the gift of life. I keep reminding my over-active imagination of this fact, and I have to keep fighting it. One thing for sure, I sure feel happier when I am not being all worked up and stressed out over things.


My two teenage daughters amaze me with their self-reliance and increasing spirituality, compassionate hearts, and great work ethic. I expect great things from them both, because they are great people!


I am thinking about an ankle/foot tattoo. I want it sparkly, though… vines and heart-shaped leaves, green and hot pink sparkle. Can they do that?


I want to be a store director where I work. I want to run a race and do decently, I want to write books, I want to live more consciously, cleanly.