Low carb, NUTritious Breakfast



So, here we have a really good, light breakfast. I love the Wasa crackers, as they provide grain fiber, but at only 7 net grams of carbs per the 2. My peanut butter adds another 6, so I have the 13 gram breakfast.  That’s about half of what I want for the day, but that is easily accomplished. My salad or meat and veggie stir fry at lunch will be 5 gr or less, and dinner will be meat and veggies as well, so this won’t be going over. Tonight I will be experimenting with stove-top custard. The intention will be to make Stevia/Splenda sweetened Key Lime parfaits with real whipped cream.  I am looking forward to making that. The custard method is in The Joy of Cooking Cookbook, just above the baked custard version. If it turns out well, I will post more details.  If you have egg or nut allergies, or wheat/gluten allergies, then this is a perfectly AWFUL looking breakfast, for which I do apologize.