“Working Out Does Not Cause Weight Loss”…( I’ve heard it said)

Well, you’ve probably heard that working out will cause you to lose weight. Not necessarily. There are a few other factors at play in the chemistry of the human body that determine weight loss. Let’s look at raw calories, for example. Let’s also consider metabolic rate of burn. Is it consistent for all, or does it vary with the individual? Ask any 6 ‘ 2″ super thin guy who never seems to stop eating, who can virtually eat anything he wants, and still have a hard time staying UP to weight if metabolisms differ. But, then again, I would wager that same guy is pretty darn active…

So, in my experience, and what I have heard for a long time now, is that diet is 70% of the component involved in weight loss. On the other hand, a casual Googling of that only yielded me the usual urban legend and ‘common knowledge’ type posts from individuals who have no sources to site for the presumption. But, let’s just say that’s true, for sake of argument. 

I must say, I’ve lost no more than three pounds since starting my T-25 BeachBody workouts about five weeks ago, almost six. But, here’s the thing that nobody bothers to mention much. Diet alone does not do this to your body. On the top, prior to working out, with diet alone. In the purple shorts, 5 1/2 weeks later, after working out 5-6 days a week, you can seeImage much more muscle definition and tone!

ImageSo, what does this mean? Should a person just stick to diet, or could working out also be a great benefit?! I think the results are clear, and in five MORE weeks, I should be able to show even more startling results, The funny part? My actual weight has barely changed. My actual tape measurements? I’ve perhaps lost an inch off my waist. What I see in the mirror, though, seems like more than just an inch. I am seeing shadows and lines and tone I have never had before. In the before, or upper picture, I have on the same type and size of shorts, just a different color. And I didn’t get a tan, that’s just a different room with dimmer light. However, the results are clear. In the above picture, I’d been doing my usual low-carb dieting, and running routine. All that running seemed to be doing for me is a great cardio workout. And I am ok with that. I still run about once a week, and will go back to it. But what I have found, is that strengthening muscle is hard work that pays more dividends than diet alone. In addition to strengthening my muscles, lungs, and the greatest muscle, my heart, I am also converting fat stores to muscle, and don’t feel like I need to hide my body. I will always have stretch marks and chicken skin ( so to speak) in my lowest ab section from becoming very large carrying my children in utero. I can live with that!! What I cannot live without anymore, until I am too old to worry about it, is the feeling of accomplishment and strength that I now have. My lower abs have been so weak all my life, and I never knew how to isolate them and work them out properly. No matter how much I lost, I still had that pooch that I despise. So, to answer all the questions. Can you lose more weight working out AND exercising? Maybe yes, and maybe no. It depends on the person. I know folks that tend to drop weight from just walking around the lake leisurely a few times per week. That’s not me. What you will lose is fat stores, which convert neatly into muscle. By the way, muscle takes more energy to maintain, so it might be that you will lose weight because you are burning more calories not only from your workout, but from simply existing. And that’s nice. 🙂 Now, to work on that cellulite …

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Are you up for the challenge? Are you willing to trade instant fixes for hard work? Eating right 90% of the time and getting regular exercise IS the answer. Yes, I still follow low-carb, because that IS eating right! I might need more carb grams than I used to, but not many. I make sure to get plenty of protein and natural fats, water, and veggies! 


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Low carb, NUTritious Breakfast



So, here we have a really good, light breakfast. I love the Wasa crackers, as they provide grain fiber, but at only 7 net grams of carbs per the 2. My peanut butter adds another 6, so I have the 13 gram breakfast.  That’s about half of what I want for the day, but that is easily accomplished. My salad or meat and veggie stir fry at lunch will be 5 gr or less, and dinner will be meat and veggies as well, so this won’t be going over. Tonight I will be experimenting with stove-top custard. The intention will be to make Stevia/Splenda sweetened Key Lime parfaits with real whipped cream.  I am looking forward to making that. The custard method is in The Joy of Cooking Cookbook, just above the baked custard version. If it turns out well, I will post more details.  If you have egg or nut allergies, or wheat/gluten allergies, then this is a perfectly AWFUL looking breakfast, for which I do apologize.

Berry and Cream Cheese Low-Carb Muffin Breakfast. For Stages 2 + of Low-Carb Diets

This morning I borrowed the concept of the low-carb muffin that uses whipped egg whites in the mix, because this method really does add fluffiness.  You will save the egg yolks to the side, and add them into the dry ingredients bowl later.

I used my normal almond flour base, and added ONE tablespoon of regular flour. This is not an Atkin’s Induction recipe, nor gluten-free. It was fine for my OWL/Pre-maintenance stage, however. The one spoon of flour helps the muffin stay cohesive and not have the texture of damp paper towels- or gravel.

I whip 2 eggs to a frothy fervor, and set aside. I also added 1/8 teaspoon of cream of tartar. In another bowl I mixed about 1 1/3 cup almond meal/flour. I added 4 packets of Nectresse, which I just discovered. I like the flavor, but I was fooled by the ‘all natural’ packaging. It came from Splenda, and proudly advertises its sweetness coming from Monk Fruit. Yeah, and after I bought it (ALWAYS read BEFORE you buy!) I discovered that it also is half molasses/sugar, so you still get 1-2 grams of pure sugar carb for each packet. I am not recommending this product for those who drink a lot of coffee, or want to use this in baked goods, especially if you are in the first or second stages of a ketogenic diet. Nectress is a blend of molasses, sugar, erythritol, and monk fruit. It tastes great and has zero calories, but not zero sugar.

Into the muffin mix, I added small chunks of cream cheese, which I left in chunks. I added about 1/2 cup frozen berries and about 1/3 cup of sugar free boysenberry jam. I added a teaspoon of salt, and half a teaspoon each of baking powder and baking soda. I also added 2 tblsp. of vegetable oil.

Ok, so- I slowly and gently blended the egg whites into the dry mixture, and added almond milk until the consistency was thick, but not too thick- a bit thicker than pancake batter. I added somewhat less than a cup of it.

The color: Purplish-gray. That’s ok with me. These turned out to be really yummy. Total carb count: I don’t really know, sorry! I’d have to guess at 3 per muffin. I ate six. OOPS! So much for self-control. I allow myself 25-30 grams per day, and don’t stress much if it’s over. I know that today I will have salad, and/or meat and veggies, so I can afford an 18 gram carb morning, but it is definitely not my normal routine. I try to keep it to 4-10 grams. ImageImageImageImageImage

So, as these were an experiment of sorts, the results were a surprise. I really enjoyed the small bits of cream cheese, which stayed in solid state, and the fresh berries. While this is not a no-carb treat, it gives you a taste of real, baked muffin without all the normal sugar and carbohydrate. I only used 4 packets of the Nectresse, which was more than enough- after all, I had the S.F. jam. Also, I had the natural sweetness of the berries in the mix. All in all, a good muffin. Other ideas to try include lemon poppyseed- even less carbohydrates due to no real fruit chunks. I also like the idea of other flavors of S.F. jam, like apricot or strawberry. Adding flax seeds or chia seeds might also be a nice way to get extra nutrition through protein and fiber, essential fats, etc.

So, there’s breakfast today! Enjoy!

Breakfast Burrito and Blueberry Breakfast! Brilliant! OWL 10 g breakfast with Coffee

Breakfast burrito, with a bit of pepperoni, eggs, cheese, and l/c tortilla, YUM!Breakfast burrito and blueberries. Delicious!

Today’s breakfast, including two large coffees, comes in at 10 grams, tops. Three grams of the carb comes from this delicious La Tortilla Factory low-carb wrap, with 7 grams of fiber. I have been looking forward to OWL for some time, and these tortillas are the main reason. They are a great, high fiber way to wrap up a lovely little breakfast burrito. That’s what we have here in the photograph, and you can see all the ingredients used. I also had 1/4 cup of blueberries, still mostly frozen, for 4.4 g. The coffee half & half and Splenda counts for the rest of the carb count. I get 25 grams per day now, so I have plenty of time and carb room left for a cup of brocolli or green beans with some sort of meat for lunch, and a chicken or salmon dinner with salad. Just another idea from the vault. This one’s easy, filling, and satisfying. It also provides a lot of fiber, blueberry antioxidants and vitamin C, protein, calcium, decent fat count, and whole grain goodness. According to something I read recently, from a reputable source, the time to eat the majority of the carbs you are going to eat should be in the morning, or earlier part of the day.

Good to know, right?