I Told You to Be Careful! Hit & Run

I told you to be careful!

Bent fender

shredded plastic

flying metal

two riderless Reeboks, too slow to keep up with you

stay fixed on the street


I told you to be careful!

Did anyone tell him

to look, listen, slow


blood soaked asphalt

broken head- such pretty hair , your pretty hair

what has he done…

broken dreams

broken heart

time stopped

I told you to be careful

you flew so far

one might have thought it better

than to be crushed

but it didn’t help

to fly without wings

without brakes

without time to think that

time was over for you

and my world flew with you

and our hearts stopped as one

I told you to be careful!


Ghost Here

There’s a ghost here

I’m quite sure I smelled your perfume

We had a toast here

in this sealed up tomb of a room

There’s a ghost here

if you were here, you’d never believe

but there’s that sound again I almost perceive

like a whisper from the corner of my ear

and a shadow hits my eye then disappears

oh, God, how I feel all your fears

I’m spinning into your world now

and I can’t see how

you made it so far

There’s a ghost here

just down the empty hall

and it feels



fill it all

Why do you Write?

For glory, for riches, for happiness, fame-

to have everyone, everywhere knowing your name

to be thought of as clever, inspired, and wise

Each morning, wake smiling, with stars in your eyes

jump out of bed , and you’re  blogging by eight,

coffee in cup, low-carb breakfast is great

with thousands or millions all waiting to see

what your clever mind cooked up while counting your z’s

All the clamor and laughter, and followers galore

all your research and magazines piled on the floor

the missed calls, and the messages- yes, you’ve got MAIL!

then the offers from publishers, TV- you can’t fail!

Reflecting at day’s end on your lasting legacy

to leave something worth keeping for generations to see

but it’s ashes to ashes

and dreams of magic beans

and your words are worth only

their weight on the screen

all the sacrifice, worthless

like the mountains you scaled


out of fashion, in the

trash can