Fallen from Low-Carb Grace?!

I’d like to believe that I ‘got this’ when it comes to low-carb eating and living. It’s all been done, I know all the ways to stay at my weight, yada yada.

This last two weeks have been a dismal failure. Not because I didn’t stay low-carb, but not AS low as I had been. I thought for sure that at this point, I could increase my carb count. I’ve been at 30-35 for so long, what would fifty hurt? I am sure I have not exceeded 50, but that’s all it took, I guess. This week, especially, I have watched my weight climb by almost a pound a DAY.  I can’t even explain to you how this has pissed me off and mystified me simultaneously. I will spend hours of thought on trying to figure out just what series of mistakes I have been making in order to cut it out. The extra meat portions? The no-holds-barred approach to salad dressing and extra large portions of salad? The extra carbs in addition to that? The old urges returning?

The thought of going back to a strict 20-gram induction has  not escaped me. The idea of the eggs/cheese/fat/meat/greens that I stayed so faithful to for so long without a break is not exactly thrilling me, though.

My low weight was 123. I decided 126-128 was fine. Two days ago I was at 129.4, yesterday it was 130, today it is 131.4 . I don’t know what gives, but I am  up almost ten pounds. Still, I do feel fit and not fat, but where does this end? What am I willing to do to make it stop? What do I have to do? Do I have to go back to stage 1, induction, or stage 2, with some extra portion control? Does portion control still merit a look-see even on Atkin’s? Funny thing is, I never needed to worry about that before. Two eggs or three, more or less bacon; it didn’t seem to matter.

I do believe our bodies are pre-set to a range of ‘normal’ weight, that if we undercut through  extreme measures, our bodies will slow down to conserve energy, thus making it so easy to gain, and so much harder to lose. I do believe age is also a factor. But no matter what I believe, the only person who can change this is me.

So, off the horse of “easy-peasy” I have fallen. I’m quite annoyed about it.

I wonder if my new schedule of working super early in the morning could be part of the culprit? While I try not to eat before a ‘normal’ breakfast time, many days find me eating at 5 a.m., nine a.m, after work at one o’clock, and having a normal dinner, and possibly a snack after that. Maybe it’s all too much.

Here come the maybe’s. I told you I’d be stewing.

And here’s the thing about all this physical activity ‘causing’ weight loss. It’s not enough to exercise and to burn off less than you are taking in. If this is true, calories DO still count. I guess it’s just easier to eat less when you feel satisfied, and maybe the bit of extra carbs has stoked up my appetite for more food. I think I may be on to something here.

Height: 5’4. Small frame/petite bone structure

High weight: 155: 2010

Mid-weight, end of 2010: Dieting for my wedding- watching carbs and portions but not too strictly- 135.

Three months after wedding- 142. Up to size 13 pants.

Began serious Atkin’s: January 2012

First three months: Pants looser, struggled on- no pounds lost. Fifth month- 7 pounds. Encouraged, continued to lose another 10 pounds in the next several months.

Feb-March- Maintained 123-125. Content with that.

April- The climb began at the end of this month, commensurate with increased exercise, coincidentally enough. I’ve seen this pattern before…

May: The climb plateaued, and I decided 127 was ok.

June: Maintaining until about the tenth. Then it all started to climb again, like mad. Several things changed though. I started getting lax in my counting, eating 2-3 Atkins bars at a time,   whereas one was fine before, eating larger portions, trying new recipes that were lowERED carb, not necessarily low enough…

Low-Weight: 122. February, 2013.

Well, any encouragement would be nice, and thank you for reading!


Hello Breakfast My Old Friend. Weight LOSS UPdate!

Yes, it’s true, for all of you just dying to know….will Lee lose weight? Well, I finally did! I started this Induction journey on approximately January 10, and through various failures, I finally became victorious. Induction is now working, and I am at my lowest weight this morning, the lowest weight I have had in about a year and a-half. Here it is, drumroll, please. At my Wedding Day weight of….

135 lbs !  

This means I am down a total of 6 pounds from my starting point. I think this all would have gone faster had I not overeaten the protein under some misguided notion that you can eat all you want on Atkin’s. I forgot the part about being actually hungry. With protein, you can eat less and still feel quite full. So as I have learned to manage portions, (four slices of bacon works, why eat 6??) and realize that two eggs are filling, I don’t need three, etc., I believe the wieght will continue to come off. How long to stay in induction? I think I will give induction another week. If I can make it down to 130, I will then go to phase 2. Ultimately I would like to be at 125 again. That’s quite fine. 120 would be some kind of crazy dream, but I can go for it.

The other gratifying feeling I have today is realizing this is my 30th post in just under one month, and I have finally found other bloggers to read something other than my low-carb blogs! Mark Kaplowitz is a very funny and professional writer out of New York that does a great series, “Remember When…?” and he liked my “Stupid Things” blog, which is very fulfilling, because my life is not only about what I eat every day, and planning a low-carb meal. I enjoy writing, and humor, and art, and photography. Nobody has been reading my other posts, and I was starting to feel like they weren’t any good.

Today I had two eggs and bacon, scant avocado (just wasn’t in the mood after all) and bacon. I had an Atkin’s approved for Induction bar first, and coffee. I will be more than fine until my lunchtime veggie fest. Speaking of which, I think today I am going to change up the usual salad, and make it somewhat more interesting.

Wish me luck!

The Mona Lisa of Breakfasts...