Dreams Fuel Our Imaginations, and Power Our Future


Do our subconscious minds give us messages that are always inside us- that can only be released through a dream?

I can always tell when I really needed the sleep the night before. I wake up with memories of extensive dreaming, often intense and easily remembered. Interestingly enough, it is on those mornings that I feel the most rested. According to DavidNG, author over at Squidoo (www.squidoo.com/remsleepisimportant), it is during this REM sleep stage that we get the most restorative sleep. What is the dream connection? Well, it is during this phase of sleep, which occurs (ideally) many times per night or sleep cycle, that our brains do a bit of filing and storing of everything we experience during our waking hours, often putting them into interesting little movies for us to enjoy the memories of later.

Our circadian clocks are renewed and our bodies are most fully energized, again- according to David NG, during the vital time of REM sleep. All other phases of sleep are important, also- of course. Beyond the brain’s internal sorting system, however, how do dreams help us in our daily lives? How do things we dream influence us in our daily lives?  How we act out what we may learn in a dream can only be guessed at.

Have you ever had a dream that caused a change in your actions or activities later on? My dreams often give me inspiration when I am feeling in a rut-  and my zest for life is waning. How about you?

According to transcripts I found from a NOVA transcript,  too much REM sleep lead to depressive tendencies, but it is vital in the right amounts;  helping us to improve upon real memories- by almost rewiring the memory of an actual event into something the brain can work with later to solve problems. See http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/what-are-dreams.html for more .

Clearly, dream states are more than just gibberish or burps of the mind at night.

Dreams that Come True:

“Conscious mind out of the way, you get a chance to have a glimpse at the events of your life that would be considered as your future in your waking life…” – Dr. Eric Amidi.( http://www.finerminds.com/metaphysical/dreams-that-come-true/)

It could be argued that time- our perception of it- is not entirely – accurate, for lack of a better word. Perhaps, it is within the capacity of the human mind, in it’s most relaxed, open states, to perceive and to see ‘upcoming’ events because it is not limited to the normal constructs of time as we know it. Another theory is that we have a God who watches out for us and warns us of things to come. Either way, there is much to be discussed about dreams that come true. They have happened to me, and probably to you, to, at some point.