What to Eat on Low- Carb: Examined

This week I finally decided to get smart and followed a plan at the grocery store. I shopped meat on sale first, then planned meals around that. This week’s choices included an 8 lb. pork roast for 14.50, a beef roast, and a value pack of chicken thighs. I can make 4 meals out if the chicken, and have loads of pulled pork to eat, freeze, and share with my shut- in mom.

With that being said , lets look at today: breakfast smoothie: 1/4 cup Greek yogurt, 5 fresh strawberries, a large handful of frozen blueberries, a tblsp. Splenda, and 14 ozs. Unsweetened vanla almond milk. Added one scoop vanilla protein powder ( 5 gr carb) perfect, filling & nutritious! Total grams- 10-12.

Lunch- large mixed greens salad covered in ham and some cheese. Caesar dressing.
Light snack- 1/2 Atkin’s bar. (Total – 5 grams all of that, plus 12= 17 for day so far out of goal of 26. ) dinner is yet to come, but now it’s time for work.


So, dinner at a fast food place is still an option. Tonight’s fare is a dbl whopper with cheese, sans bun and with lots of greens on top. ūüôā


Summer Cheat Days & Bouncing Back

As summer begins to come to a close, I am reflecting on my eating habits these past few months. There were a lot of changes in my life. Most days had me awake by 3 a.m. and out the door by 3:30. It took a few weeks, but I began to get very hungry by six or seven a.m. on those days. That’s fine, you say? Normal breakfast time, you think? OK. If only I wasn’t again hungry at ‘lunch’, which was at about 9 a.m. I was hungry again when I got off of work at one. Hungry for dinner at five. Hungry for a snack at 7. You see the issue? Perhaps if I had eaten those ‘small portions’, all would have been well. In total, I put on about five pounds. I didn’t know this, because the cats peed on our bathroom scale and fried it’s little wiry components forever. I got a new scale, but I really did know I had gained some. After all, my loosest pants are now snug. Not unwearable or ridiculously tight, just snug. The ridiculously tight ones were the ones that were already perfect before. Anyway, I gained five pounds. Not the end of the world. Within 48 hours, I watched my carbs more closely, AND portions, got on my new regular hours schedule at work, and was down to 131. So, after a year and a half, I have gained back five pounds of my 17 lb. loss. I consider that a victory. After all, I am not a perfect eater. If I were, I would not have needed to lose 17 pounds anyway.

So, I have also restarted my regular running and calisthenics, which I have neglected for the past few months. I have rededicated myself to seeking out new recipes that are low-carb, and to reach out to a huge low-carb network that is out there, so I don’t feel all alone in this. It’s encouraging to see more people at least cutting back on the flour and sugar, even if they don’t agree with the all-the-fat-you-want approach.

I think that as people are becoming more and more sensitive to the glop and garbage and toxins in prepared foods; gluten being the one that comes to mind, options like low-carb finally get the recognition they deserve. Turns out, gluten comes with flour and flour-based foods. How do we get good nutrition while eliminating gluten? Why not amplify protein and vitamin/fiber rich vegetables and fruit?

I enjoy Chinese food, and when we go out, I love it when we go to the Mongolian Grill, because you pick all your own raw ingredients, and then bring them to the chef, who prepares them quickly right before your glistening eyes. I don’t want starches, m.s.g., rice and noodles, etc. This is the only way I can be sure I am not getting them. Surprisingly, fresh ingredients with oil and spice-based sauces and meat are just great without the addition of gloppy corn starch, corn syrup sauces, Americanized breaded meats, loads of pointless, non-nutritive noodles, etc. You can actually taste your food, and discern what you are eating.

I am pretty used to low-sugar by now, so it’s amazing how gloppy and sweet a fortune cookie tastes now. In my high carb life, it tasted like a bland, dry cracker. Now it’s a dessert! These days, I don’t feel like I have to eat it.

I am trying to convince my step-kids that french fries and chicken nuggets are not good food choices, nor are pancake dinners. One day they might understand. It’s not about weight gain for them. They are both fit athletes. It’s about choices that promote long-term health and lifelong habits. Someday they may not be able to simply exercise away all the calories, and weight gain might be an issue. But no, it’s about the cancer-fighting, life-promoting properties of good nutritious food. From vine to table, or field to table is better than field- to- factory- to- breading and sugar-coating, add preservatives, then to box. Finally a few months later, you buy it. I have my favorite prepared foods. Atkin’s bars are certainly a chemist’s creation. So I can’t preach too much on the virtues of organic and raw, much as I do like the concepts.

And it’s ok to have those things- in moderation, perhaps. I have come so far from the lifestyle I used to have, it’s not even funny. I still have some demons to kick out, like sugar free energy drinks and nicotine gum.

Meanwhile, let’s look at my old diet choices, back in the day… ( a bad day, happened about 3 out of my 5 working days if I ate like this) This was post-divorce stress eating style. Not recommended.

Breakfast: big bowl of Cheerios or Raisin Bran. Or nothing. 2 cups coffee. ( 7-8 a.m.) 2 cigarettes before/on way to work.

10:30. Hungry again. Cheese danish from vending machine. More coffee. Cigarette.

11:30: Shaking and trembling, hypoglycemia has kicked in. Must have water, juice, and banana just to stop the shakes and sweating. IF a kind co-worker can help. As soon as lunch hits, I head to Taco Bell.

12:15. Ingest 1 Taco Supreme and Large Diet soda. Smoke 2-3 cigarettes, fast.

3:00- Wow, snack sounds really good. Head to break room and get Fast Break Candy bar, another diet pop. Smoke another cigarette- last break.

Dinner: another bowl of cereal or eggs and bacon. I might have had soup. I was broke during this part of my life. I often skipped meals and just lived on diet pop, coffee, and smokes. I often ate a lot during the day, and very little at night. My weight stayed low. 118-120.

Previously: Family life before a divorce, and with young kids. (non- smoking then) This was the default pattern for YEARS.

Breakfast: Pancakes or muffins, eggs. Or cereal and fruit. Or yogurt. Donuts. OR ALL.

Late breakfast: More coffee, something junky like cake or cookies. I always had some bought or made in the house. Always.

Early lunch, because I would already be starved: Big sandwich, chips, water. Now for dessert.

Afternoon: All-day long snacking typical. Usually on junk. I did try to squeeze in salads and veggies, but only as they fit into my carbo-loaded diet. M&M’s, candy bars, ice cream, and of course, COOKIES.

Dinner: Heavy casseroles, rolls, roasts, chicken, etc. Always a rice or noodle was served with whatever meats, and eaten heartily.

Dessert: Too much and almost always.

Weight: 145-155.

Now: Breakfast. I think about it first. I don’t just rush in and grab anything. This takes thought and consideration, because I want high nutrition and low carbs. I choose either egg and cheese on a low-carb tortilla, or 1/2 cup Greek Gods plain yogurt with a bit of fruit on top, sweetened with Stevia liquid. I’ve started using this more than Splenda.

Snack: Don’t usually need one, but if I do, a hunk of Muenster or string cheese, or maybe a hard boiled egg. I am counting carbs, so I portion control. The protein leaves me mostly satisfied. I’ve learned to tell true hunger from desire for a sweet taste, and I don’t beat myself up for it, I just try to feed the hunger first, the desire last. Turns out that sugar free products help a lot then. Maybe an Atkin’s bar, maybe a nectarine.

Lunch: At this point I know I need greens and meat. I really like tuna or chicken salad over greens, with plenty of veggies. I don’t skimp. I want the salad large, so it will take care of my hunger, provide a lot of fiber, and satisfy. Bring on the dressing. If I have any kind of nuts or seeds, I like to throw some on top. And yes, cheese, please.

Afternoon snacks: Sometimes I don’t really want anything. Sometimes I do. I might have an iced coffee. I might enjoy a low carb tortilla with peanut butter. I might have a weak moment and shove a handful of chocolate chips in my mouth or eat too many sugar free Oreos. They taste just like the real thing, but each 2 has 6 grams of net carb, so eating 8 cookies is more than I really needed… so I try not to do this daily. Besides, they will fill me up with enough gas to provide our home with electricity for several hours. If only…

Dinner: No rice, noodles, or bread. Meat and veggie stir fry is a fave. Omelettes. Meat topped salads, etc. If I haven’t already had 2 low-carb tortillas on a particular day, now is a good time for one. I love Mexican food, so I can have every bit of yummy dinner as my taco eating family by simply substituting my tortillas for the regular, and I go lightly on the beans, if I eat them at all. I allow myself 6-10 tortilla CHIPS if there is a good guacamole to go with.

Dessert: Don’t always have any! Don’t feel I have to! WOW! This is a new me! If I do, I want my go-to sugar-free pudding, or something creamy. When the family grabs their giant ice cream bowls and my envy gets the best of me, I will hopefully have Greek yogurt in the fridge. I keep things like fruit and s.f. caramel in the fridge a lot. Not always. Some of my specialty items cost more. The yogurt is pricy, too, but I am worth it! How much are donuts and Haagen Das? Anyway. Goal for most days if maintaining- 25-30 grams carbs. Losing- 20-26. Probably going to gain if it lasts for more than a few days- over 35 grams. I have discovered my set point. I can still have a cheat day every couple of weeks or once a month and be OK. Beyond that, I have to be careful.

So that’s what I know. Feel free to share your thoughts with me, as well. I love comments, especially when they disagree with me! About the pictures: The salad is ‘Baby /field Greens’ type, I added pico de gallo, a hard boiled egg, shredded Mexican cheese, snap peas, the canned chicken. (first and last time on that cheap junk) NOT the mayo after all, and dressing.

The dish on the paper plate is Pulled pork nachos. I know each tortilla chip has 1 gr. carb, so I counted them out. If you are on Atkin’s or other phase-based low-carb plans, this wouldn’t work for phase 1, and maybe not 2. ¬†I also followed a recipe that calls for Dr. Pepper and chipotles in adobo sauce to cook the pork roast in. Whereas most of the liquid is drained, there isn’t a lot of residual sugar in the meat, but be advised that some will be there. Yummy recipe, by the way ,and very easy. ¬†From Pioneer Woman.



Fallen from Low-Carb Grace?!

I’d like to believe that I ‘got this’ when it comes to low-carb eating and living. It’s all been done, I know all the ways to stay at my weight, yada yada.

This last two weeks have been a dismal failure. Not because I didn’t stay low-carb, but not AS low as I had been. I thought for sure that at this point, I could increase my carb count. I’ve been at 30-35 for so long, what would fifty hurt? I am sure I have not exceeded 50, but that’s all it took, I guess. This week, especially, I have watched my weight climb by almost a pound a DAY. ¬†I can’t even explain to you how this has pissed me off and mystified me simultaneously. I will spend hours of thought on trying to figure out just what series of mistakes I have been making in order to cut it out. The extra meat portions? The no-holds-barred approach to salad dressing and extra large portions of salad? The extra carbs in addition to that? The old urges returning?

The thought of going back to a strict 20-gram induction has  not escaped me. The idea of the eggs/cheese/fat/meat/greens that I stayed so faithful to for so long without a break is not exactly thrilling me, though.

My low weight was 123. I decided 126-128 was fine. Two days ago I was at 129.4, yesterday it was 130, today it is 131.4 . I don’t know what gives, but I am ¬†up almost ten pounds. Still, I do feel fit and not fat, but where does this end? What am I willing to do to make it stop? What do I have to do? Do I have to go back to stage 1, induction, or stage 2, with some extra portion control? Does portion control still merit a look-see even on Atkin’s? Funny thing is, I never needed to worry about that before. Two eggs or three, more or less bacon; it didn’t seem to matter.

I do believe our bodies are pre-set to a range of ‘normal’ weight, that if we undercut through ¬†extreme measures, our bodies will slow down to conserve energy, thus making it so easy to gain, and so much harder to lose. I do believe age is also a factor. But no matter what I believe, the only person who can change this is me.

So, off the horse of “easy-peasy” I have fallen. I’m quite annoyed about it.

I wonder if my new schedule of working super early in the morning could be part of the culprit? While I try not to eat before a ‘normal’ breakfast time, many days find me eating at 5 a.m., nine a.m, after work at one o’clock, and having a normal dinner, and possibly a snack after that. Maybe it’s all too much.

Here come the maybe’s. I told you I’d be stewing.

And here’s the thing about all this physical activity ‘causing’ weight loss. It’s not enough to exercise and to burn off less than you are taking in. If this is true, calories DO still count. I guess it’s just easier to eat less when you feel satisfied, and maybe the bit of extra carbs has stoked up my appetite for more food. I think I may be on to something here.

Height: 5’4. Small frame/petite bone structure

High weight: 155: 2010

Mid-weight, end of 2010: Dieting for my wedding- watching carbs and portions but not too strictly- 135.

Three months after wedding- 142. Up to size 13 pants.

Began serious Atkin’s: January 2012

First three months: Pants looser, struggled on- no pounds lost. Fifth month- 7 pounds. Encouraged, continued to lose another 10 pounds in the next several months.

Feb-March- Maintained 123-125. Content with that.

April- The climb began at the end of this month, commensurate with increased exercise, coincidentally enough. I’ve seen this pattern before…

May: The climb plateaued, and I decided 127 was ok.

June: Maintaining until about the tenth. Then it all started to climb again, like mad. Several things changed though. I started getting lax in my counting, eating 2-3 Atkins bars at a time, ¬† whereas one was fine before, eating larger portions, trying new recipes that were lowERED carb, not necessarily low enough…

Low-Weight: 122. February, 2013.

Well, any encouragement would be nice, and thank you for reading!

Losing Weight No Longer the Goal

Maybe losing weight should still be a goal, but I am OK with my weight right now. I am 127-128 most days. I have gone as high as 130, but when I do, I start working harder on carb control. The fact that I have started running really has nothing to do with my weight loss goals. 

Running is about getting fit, doing something I’ve never done before, and pushing my previous boundaries. Life is very short. We get old before we know it. Settling for contented is not nearly as exciting as pursuing new goals.¬†

Over a year ago, I decided I either wanted to write for a living, or use my voice. Now I am a wedding officiant, and I get to choose when I do that, and how often. I keep writing . At this point, making a living at it is not as important to me as enjoying the process, and learning. Lucky, thing, too, as I am not submitting anything anyway! No rejection if nothing is submitted. I take solace in the fact that many accomplished writers have seen many rejections!

¬† ¬† ¬†Meanwhile, counting carbs on some days makes me want to cry. I may discover that I’ve had 19-23… at breakfast, leaving me less than 10 for the rest of the day. I will probably be going over. Other times, I just want to pretend I don’t know what lettuce is, and just gobble a birthday cake…with the plastic frosting and all. Not even on my birthday.¬†

Some days I think I’ve done well, but I have gained a pound or two. Maybe the key to it all is ratio of protein/fat/carbs, or some other mystery, but I just keep going, trying to maintain a semblance of sanity, and live a full life, not obsessed with food, eating, dieting, carbs, and counting.¬†

I know how to lose weight if I want to, and some careful living will be required. I know how to gain weight even better! 


Doing it By The Numbers- Portion Sizes and Net Carbs

Yes, size DOES matter. The problem with many of us who have been doing any conscious eating plan for more than a little while, is that we tend to ‘figure’ our portions based on best guess and pipe dreams. Notice I didn’t say ‘diet’. Diet, by design, is something that we have defined as having an end point. Low-carb should never have an ‘end point’, unless your goal is to regain lost pounds.

So, bearing in mind that I just ate ‘a portion’ of the pictured No-Sugar-Added ice cream right out of the carton, (gross, except nobody else here eats it, preferring Heath Crunch and Chocolate Chip Mint with full carb content) I thought it would be helpful for all of us, myself included, to refresh what recommended portion sizes are in order to actually get the numbers right. So, your carton will show you a carbohydrate count. As you can see, all the important numbers are here. In case you didn’t know already, that number 16 is about to shrink significantly. First, you need to subtract any fiber gram content from your net carb intake total. So, right off the top, we take off 4 grams, so now the carb count is 12. So, 12 then? No! Another great thing is that now, we get to subtract all the sugar alcohols. Unlike a popular myth goes, though, we do NOT subtract the protein grams. So, another 4 grams gets to go away. So, we are left with a NET carb intake of only 8 grams. Here’s the kicker. What does a portion look like? It’s 1/2 cup in this case- the usual amount for all ice-cream portion sizes. If you ate from the container, or just heaped it into a bowl because it’s ‘low-carb ice cream’, you may actually be eating much more in carbohydrate than you thought. So, here’s what your portion should look like. Imagine one decent size scoop on an ice cream cone, or simply use a 1/2 cup. I will show you what this looks like, in the event you simply don’t want to pull out the measuring device- which I highly recommend…

As you can see, I have displayed the one-cup measure beside the 1/2 cup, with the full cup being the preferred portion size for most people. If you have a spare 16 grams of carbs to use on this ice cream, by all means, scoop it up. I don’t. But, who knows how much I ate today, because I did not measure. This is a bad habit to get into if you’re trying to maintain any accuracy in counting your carbs. The first photo below shows what one tablespoon looks like. The top measure of my shot-glass here shows what about two tablespoons of sugar-free caramel sauce looks like. Or Ranch dressing, or any other item you get ‘2 tablespoons’ of for a serving. Again, I just kind of squirted some caramel on ¬†today…The good news is I will survive it, and probably not gain any weight. The bad news is, I won’t need any more fiber today, either, if you get my drift. Ahem…back to more sweet ideas.

Coming next week: Product and company review of Lo-Carb-U, and the $75 order I placed. There is a plethora of product to test and review for you here to make low-carb a lot less monotonous. If you think all you can eat is salads, steak, and chicken, with variations on the theme, you will find this to be a nice bit of information.* (not indicated for Atkins’ Induction Phase*)



Glop Monster or Delight?


Here’s a little segment of my blog food experimenting I like to call “Trick or Treat,” or “Glop Monster or Delight”. This morning, I made banana blueberry muffins from Jiffy mix and fresh bananas for everyone else, while I, too dreamed of a warm, filling muffin kind of thing. Instead of using some tried and true recipes that I have, I foolishly decided to ‘wing it’, and made a royal glopmonster of previously unattained gloppiness. Oh, yeah- icky, yucky- bleck. Tossing this ASAP, right into the trash can. What a waste of great ingredients, that are not free, I might add. Oh, I used all the usual suspects, almond flour being my basis. Only this wasn’t almond flour you ¬†buy for 9-$12 at the grocery store. No, I used my new Ninja to ‘flour’ my almonds. This might have worked, but I stopped at larger chunks of almond than I really wanted, out of fear of making almond BUTTER, which is just a few short pulses away from flour . I added Ninja pureed zuchinni, carrot, and strawberry, three eggs, one tablespoon of regular flour, spices, baking soda/powder, etc., etc. I used stevia. Anyway, I baked this concoction in loaf pans, and it looks like chunky meatloaf and has absolutely no appeal whatsoever. I can taste giant chunks of almond, eggs, and too much baking soda. Yuck. Back to the kitchen, where I will whip up a tried and true spinach/strawberry protein ice cream/smoothie sort of thing.¬†

So, you see, if you don’t mind feeling a bit foolish, and wasting raw materials in the kitchen, you too can experiment and play “Grossness or Goodness” in your kitchen, too., It’s best to attempt these experiments away from the prying eyes of family who will admonish you and warn you to turn back before it’s too late. The important part of this experimentation is to not be swayed by common sense from ‘helpful’ smarty pants around the house. They will tell you silly things like, “That does NOT look promising”, or ask annoying questions like, “What the Hell IS that?”. They might throw out comments like, “Whatever you are cooking smells really weird”, or “Guys, don’t eat that- it’s Lee’s “experiment’ in low -carb…and egg wasting. Hey- do we even have any eggs left for breakfast now or did you waste them all?”¬†

This kind of help is not really appreciated. Just quietly throw your failures in the disposal or garbage can and hide the evidence of your colossal blunder. I use a paper towel and drape it over the carcass of the dead glop monster, after I toss it in the can, ¬†and say a little goodbye.It’s a personal closure ritual, don’t judge.¬†

Back to the pursuit of breakfast. I have made some amazing GREAT things due to my willingness to experiment ,but this Yuck Loaf is not one of them. So let that be a lesson to you all. Some people will never experiment- will only stick to written recipes, then follow them to the letter. That bores me. Call me crazy, then.  

Quiet Science Worth Listening To: Another Prop to Low-Carb Eating!

Once again, just a casual perusal of health news provided me with this gold nugget of information that I wasn’t even searching for. I was looking at the news updates on our online local news from KATU out of Portland, OR. Up-to-date and relevant, I found this article, which I have directly quoted and cited below.

From http://www.katu.com

Why You Should Probably Stop Eating Wheat: DNews Editors Dec 14,

2012. George Dvorsky, iO9

“Wheat contains a protein that degrades into a morphine-like compound after

eating, and creates an appetite for more”- Corbis

“Raises blood sugar levels, causes immunoreactive problems, inhibits the

absorption of important minerals and aggravates our intestines..”.much of this

may stem from the fact that wheat simply ain’t what it used to be” . Since the

50’s, scientists have been cross-breeding wheat to make it hardier, shorter,

and better growing… Scientist Norman Borlaug won the Nobel Prize for his

work on this… but this work left the product not entirely human friendly.

From the same article, (and I am going to find this book) :

Cardiologist Dr. William Davis from his book, Wheat Belly: Lose The

Wheat, Lose the Weight-, says today’s hybrid wheat contains sodium azide, a known toxin.

It also goes through a gamma irradiation process during manufacturing.

Novel proteins not found in either parent plant exist in the hybrid, and this is what leads to the

belief that this is the cause of the rise in Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, etc. (from

http://www.katu.com, Jan.5, 2013)

If all this is true, it also begs the question to consider the ingredients of the low-carb bagel, or pasta. Have the “morphine-like drugs” been removed from
these items, or have they simply been engineered with more ‘fluffy fiber’ in various forms to negate the carb content? Are products like these still not the most body-friendly choice for those who wish to avoid gluten components or addiction to wheat products? Like anything else, moderation could be the key. However, for many of us ‘virtual addicts to everything’, this may not be easy to do. My experience with these products is that I do tend to start craving those bagels, but I know that some of it is from the sheer novelty and difference they are to my normally bread-less diet. The exceptions are the low-carb tortillas I enjoy. Whereas I don’t have a gluten sensitivity per se`, do I have a latent addiction that I am feeding with the tortillas, or are they just a nice low-carb wrapper for my meats and veggies? Let’s investigate the ingredients of my Mission Low-carb tortillas. They come in wheat and white. I believe the basis of their low-carb claim comes mainly from the addition of fiber, and the thinness of their structure.

Ingredients of the “La Tortilla Factory” Original whole wheat low-carb, high fiber tortillas. These provide 3 grams of effective net carbs.
Water, oat fiber, whole wheat flour, soy flour, vital wheat gluten, canola oil, baking powder, corn starch, sea salt guar gum, citric acid, yeast, xanthan gum, cysteine, (a freshness preservative). Everything sounds fine, if you’re not avoiding wheat gluten by design. I can eat 1-2 of these per day, but I don’t eat them every day. I have not noticed a need to consume more. I still feel that for the non-gluten sensitive, these are a nice complement to my diet, at my stage. Obviously, over-consumption would not be the best choice for me. For example, using them as a major staple in my diet.

The mission white carb-balance tortillas are a different story in terms of ingredients. The list is so long, it would be quite tiring to list them. Suffice to say, these white tortillas rely much more heavily on cellulose gum, presumably the source of their heightened fiber content, since with the white
flour, most fiber is stripped away. These also come in with a net carb amount double that of the whole wheat/oat fiber variety. These I have found to be more palatable for certain wraps and for frying as chips, but I am resolving to make the other type more often my first choice when eating low-carb tortillas.

The main point of this piece is not to debate the merits of one type of low-carb tortilla over the next, but to point out my underlying and continual theme, which is that sugar and carbs- like those found in glazed donuts, provide not only a taste sensation, but a very real drug-like addictive property
that can become a hurdle for dieters that makes any plan like Atkin’s, South Beach, or Paleo seem absolutely impossible. Not only do these plans go against the ‘grain’ of the low-fat, carb-loading mindset of mainstream
nutritionists. doctors, and some athletes, even if science sways their opinion toward low-carb, that is only half the battle. The second part, and the hardest, is always the wrestling we do with ourselves. First, the would-be dieter will generalize and misconstrue the basic tenets of the diet. The most common myth I hear people state, almost verbatim, is “Low-carb diets don’t let you eat fruit and vegetables! It’s all greasy meat and hollandaise!” Nothing could be further from the truth. Have they ever even read the book? No. It doesn’t seem to help when you tell them that the first couple of weeks of induction is designed to cause your body to become a fat burning machine
first, glucose burner second. Yes, there is an emphasis on meats, eggs, and greens during this phase. It is not painful, but can get boring without using creativity. Their eyes glaze over. All they really know is that they are going to lose donuts and Frosted Flakes for breakfast, giant sub rolls on their hoagies, potato chips and french fries, Snickers and Coke,and that is something simply too hard to contemplate. I have no pity for these folks. They can just keep running like rats, endlessly on treadmills, and burn it off, while gulping down cholesterol medication. At least those willing to work it off are willing to pay to play. Also, these people are generally not obese, or even overweight. Me? I say exercise for strength and heart health, stronger bones and lung conditioning, etc., not to burn off garbage you have stuffed yourselves with. That being said, I am going to conduct an experiment of my own in the next month or so. In November of 2011, my weight was at 144-146, and the doctor said my cholesterol was a bit high. At that time, I was eating pretty much whatever I wanted, attempting ‘moderation’, which meant only one candy bar per day, in addition to everything else I was eating, most of the time. In January of 2012, I began Atkin’s with strict adherence. Now that I weight 124, it’s time to see if I have lost weight at
the expense of heart health. Mind you, this won’t stop me from staying with a low-carb lifestyle. It will only mean that I will increase good-for-you fats that come from sources such as olive oil, nuts, and salmon, and cut down on the poor quality fats from things like bacon, mayonnaise, and butter. ( and I do love my Ranch dressing)

I will arrange testing ASAP, despite the cost not covered under insurance, quite possibly, because I care. Besides, I am getting my thyroid tested. It has been a little low, but apparently not dangerously so. We shall see. I will post the numbers here on the site. I am hoping and expecting the numbers to reflect a lower bad cholesterol number to go with the lower weight, but I could be surprised.