Travel The Northwest- a Brief Pictorial Tour.

Sometimes I forget that we WordPress bloggers are a diverse group, from all over the country. I forget that some of you may not realize how wonderful it is to live in Northern Oregon. I am north of Portland, which is about an hour south. I live with views out my window of Mt. St. Helen’s, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Adams. Not far from here, I can see Mt. Hood on a clear day. At this point, it’s a skier’s mecca, and absolutely gorgeous. Below me the mighty Columbia River flows, and I see ships out there every day, heading to Portland, or hauling wood products from one of our many mills back to Japan.

Eagles soar over our house on the daily, salmon teem in our rivers. We have a Tundra Swan population camped out at our local wetlands, which is about two miles from our house. I might have taken all this for granted. It’s quite possible. What a tragedy! It gets chilly out, and I stay in, except to go to work. Ridiculous, eh? I mean, in the Northeast and mid-West, it’s probably below zero or something crazy. And we cry when we get down to the high teens and twenties. We do have some 6-8 degree lows in Bend, the Dalles, etc. But here, it’s about 23-26 this morning, with frosty conditions. It’s also quite gorgeous out! Did I mention we have an elk herd regularly in our backyard? Yes, we do. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage