Low Carb Product Review- Yummy Bagels, and Pigs in Tutus.

I ordered from Linda’s Diet Delites, out of New Jersey, which is about as far away from me as anywhere on the continent. ( I am in Northwest Oregon). The box arrived in great shape. I ordered Flaz- Z- Snax Low- Carb Granola cereal in blueberry. I had that this morning with almond milk, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was the first cereal I have had since January. It was a true treat. Last night after work, I cracked the Priority Mail-delivered box open with  excitement and glee. I tried the Carb Kruncher bagels, which had come highly recommended. For 7 glorious grams of good-type carbohydrates, I enjoyed an ‘Everything” bagel with no remorse. I ingested good-for-you, fiber- and protein- rich grains, expertly crafted into a bagel that tasted truly authentic. I slathered on whipped cream cheese and felt incredibly satisfied.  5 out of 5 stars. I got a six- pack of these for 7.99, and they were totally worth it. They come in other intriguing  flavors and in plain, as well. I will be ordering those again, and I only wish we could buy these things locally, so I wouldn’t have to wait five days and pay shipping.

Next on my list that I tried last night/today were the low carb muffins and coffee cake by Simply Scrumptious. Well, they weren’t.  The coffee cake was soggy and tasted really fake. It had a strange texture. The muffins tried too hard to be sweet. I got lemon poppyseed, and they really had a bitter aftertaste.

I also ordered sugar free Oreos, which was silly, because those can be found at the grocery store where I work. I should have skipped those. They will be an occasional treat, because with 2 cookies, you get 6 grams of net carbs. I doubt there will be many days I want to add 12 carbs to my day’s total by having four cookies, which I feel is more of a ‘serving’.

At any rate, this was a nice way to mix up the usual egg/cheese/veggie/berry/nut fest I’ve been on lately. The other new addition has been tofu. I read sections from  Skinny Bitch,  (Freedman, R., &  Barnounin, K., 2005) this week, which is very anti-animal cruelty biased. Perhaps they have good reason to be , though.  I was  appalled to learn the abominable conditions that pigs and cows endure, including the slaughtering rituals especially, before coming to our  table. I guess the chickens don’t fare much better, but I don’t feel as much sympathy for chickens as I do cows. Cows nuzzle, play, are very nurturing parents to their young, and are smart enough to freak out when they know death is near. If they can contemplate the finality of death, (instinct only, you say?) were they smart enough to contemplate the value, in some way, of their lives? So, anyway, I’ve decided to cut back on beef and pork, and focus more on tofu, chicken, and fish. Whey protein can also take a greater significance in my diet, over beef.  How can I enjoy seeing a pig onstage performing tricks on AGT and still eat its tutu-less brethren on my plate?  I know, bacon and pulled pork are quite delightful, and I am much more comfortable thinking of pigs as how they act in pens. But think of this. Would we want to be judged as a species based on how we act in our “pens”, i.e.., Pelican Bay, San Quentin, etc.?

While holding at 128 lbs., the exercise is causing my butt and hips to finally shrink, and my pants are starting to all be too loose. Not to brag, but I am able to wear size 6 jeans now, which is still pretty shocking. In January, I was wearing 8-10, and some of my 12’s still fit – albeit loosely. Time has taken on a new meaning in terms of living the low-carb life. It has been six months since I dove into Atkin’s again, and it seems like a year. It seemed to take forever to lose the weight, but it really happened beginning in the third or fourth months. Since then, I just keep refining and reshaping through maintaining the lifestyle and through the addition of regular exercise.

When you get over 40, younger people seem to expect less of you. They figure you will let yourself go, I guess. And I see that many people have. I see 45 year-olds who look and act like 50-60, and bad versions of  that age group. But what else I see, especially down at the Y., are active seniors who still give a damn about being strong, feeling good, and enjoying good health, by doing what they are able to do. There is one 70 year + senior lady at the gym that I encounter at the gym regularly, in the weight room, doing exercises that would be more than challenging for me. I see another lady, very slight of build, and somewhat stiff, who is at least 60, doing her best in yogalates and Zumba. Those are just two examples of the many older Americans I see who are giving a damn, and working hard.

What I see less of are teens and twenty-somethings, strangely enough. Maybe they are at a different, more trendy gym. They are probably over at Fitness Fever, with the disco ball and espresso bar, having wheat grass smoothies and tofu lattes. That’s ok. To each their own. I might enjoy a little wheat grass myself.


The Secret Language of Cats- Pawing mirrors and Dog Water. Response Request.

Another Day of Trying to Talk to the Humans. I wanted water, not food!!

“”Hey, how cute! What’s the kitty doing there, pawing the mirror?, I asked my husband. “Oh, that’s just Spicy. She’s been doing that forever. I don’t know why. Just being a funny cat, I guess”.

That’s what I thought. For years I believed it was just a strange mirror fetish. Today, though, I have a new theory. If I am right, we humans are even more clueless than I thought.  Imagine trying to communicate with humans, who are usually always on auto-pilot headed to the shower, the coffee pot, the laundry room, back to the television, etc., and you are a cat. You can’t do much more than meow. Your paw signals have failed to impress the people- they think you are having a seizure. Your meows get your food bowl filled, and if you do a little dance around the litter box and meow simultaneously, the humans might understand that it’s high time that mess got emptied. More than likely though, the humans will simply say , “What?! The box is right there! Use it, dumb cat, geesh.”

You see the difficulty in communicating with people , then, being a cat.

Today was another mirror pawing morning. Spice, the 28 lb. calico, is at it again. She paws the closet doors, which are completely mirrored, and this wakes me up because the doors are hanging and she’s making them rattle. So much for sleeping in. When I look at her, or her sister Sugar, they both dash off in the direction of the laundry room to let me know they are hungry, because that’s where the food is stored. So I understand, and comply. Spice-girl is not seeming interested in the food, though. She wanders about for some time, and then finally comes out to the living room where the dog water is. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but cats really hate drinking out of the disgustingly slobbery, dog-stinky water bowl. They will avoid it at all costs. But I guess I’d neglected to fill the cat water bowl, so Spice was desperate enough to drink from it.

This may be the most ridiculous theory ever, or cats are really quite smart- smarter than I thought. Could the mirror pawing – or glass pawing have anything to do with both water and glass having reflective properties and – not being able to speak – this is her way of telling me she wants water?

What do you think? Crazy? Or, just maybe on to something here?