News of the Week. Can we not do Better?

The news. First of all, the networks keep rehashing the same stories, stringing them out over a week’s time, with just enough change to the preview blurb to make you think there may be new developments in what you’ve already heard. But, despite their attempt at jazzing it up, it’s the same story.

Facebook’s IPO fail. Why was I never surprised by the story?  Nobody can make real money without the exchange of real goods, or a least a really great concept, that in some way makes money. Facebook ads don’t really get looked at. I have personal proof of that. What, exactly, is generating real income for Facebook? The deceptive practices lawsuit is not surprising either. What if investors actually relied on common sense, as they seem to have so much of?

The triple murder/suicides. I don’t know about your part of the country, but here in the Great NW, the crime of the decade is to apparently do off your entire family, set the house on fire, and then shoot yourself, too. I don’t know why people keep repeating this theme…maybe they’ve been conditioned by the constant news stories of the same that this is an option for them should things go awry. This is all very wicked, disgusting, evil, and nauseating. But, I have had enough of hearing about it, being drenched in the collective blood of it. There’s nothing I can do, nothing I could have done, to stop it.

The Secret Service and their various dalliances. Shocking? No. Only surprise is that anyone is surprised; as if the government has ever held itself to the high standards of decent society. Ridiculous. Then the lady rep., what’s her name, saying, “I’m sure this isn’t the first time”. Really? And you find this whole sordid affair a surprise, too? Not buying it. You probably have plenty of skeletons in a closet of your own.

Oh! THIS JUST IN! The actor on Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons, is gay. Wow. OK, why is this not a stretch of the imagination for me? He’s cute, he’s funny as hell, and I like his work. I don’t care what his orientation is- and why do we have to get all ruffled and excited about it? Why the shock and awe? He PLAYS a gay character already, and yes, while it is true he is an ACTOR, he’s just too good, OK? Let’s move on.

Gas prices are up, and people will be driving more than ever, especially here in the northwest, over the Memorial Day Weekend. Really? Says who? Someone must have done a poll of motels and hotels and campsites, as well as Aunt Janice’s and Grandpa Tom’s, to find this information. Or was it the man on the street poll, where if you ask ten people if they’re traveling over the holiday weekend, and five say  “yes” or “probably”, then we have clear scientific data. I’ll give you all a clue. SOME of us have to WORK taking CARE of everyone else who actually has plans and a life this weekend. You need charcoal briquettes, Lil’ Smokies and a refill on your Viagra? Who’s going to do that for you? Yes, all of us retail workers. Going out to eat? Thank your cooks and wait staff. There’s at least HALF the population whose travel is the commute to work all weekend long. And I really pity the guys who pump gas. We still have that in Oregon. They get to hear complaints and whining all day long. They should be paid for their therapy work.

Mitt Romney. If I hear one more sound bite from his cheesy head I am going to puke. I am not voting for your fake ass, Mitt.  Or is it Mit? I don’t really care. I don’t want to see him now, I don’t want to see him for the next four years after November, either. So please, people. See through his shtick and don’t vote for him.

The rocket taking Scotty’s ashes to space. (Star Trek Scotty) That’s actually pretty cool. I can respect that. Makes me smile, truly. What I’d like to see is being able to have our ash urns dropped off on the moon, so you could be looking up at the night sky with your kid, and tell them, “See the moon? Well, that’s where grandpa is. So every time you look at the moon, you’re looking at grandpa, too, and he’s not so far away after all, is he?” But that would mean that someone would have to buy rights to the moon, and you’d have to BUY a moon plot. All very stupid, crass, and the worst example of imperialist capitalism ever. It would also mean answering interesting, unanswerable questions from the kids… Still, I like the concept.

And, Finally.. the toddler in the washer story. How stupid are people, really? Apparently, very, very stupid. I am glad that beautiful child is OK, and I really hope that other people might learn the valuable lesson that putting a CHILD into a WASHING MACHINE is not funny and NOT a good idea! OMG

So, what do you say about the news this week?