John Carter in IMAX 3-D !! Movie Review of the Month.

I love going to the IMAX theater near Lloyd Center in Portland. It’s always fun, and they have hot dogs there. ( I had to eat mine without the bun, and I was still pretty hungry when I got home, but this has nothing to do with my movie review.) I am a person who really enjoys action/adventure movies, and this fit the bill. There was some violence, but certainly nothing as bad as you’d see in  the evening news or South Park.

John Carter is a century-old story adapted to the big screen by Oscar winner Andrew Stanton, who also worked in Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and WALL-E.

Captain John Carter transports from the Arizona territory in the 1880’s through a cave of gold, thanks to a portal and a medallion, and lands on Mars.

The movie is a fantastic adventure, complete with romance, suspense, and even a bit of humor. Lynn Collins portrays the gorgeous and intelligent Princess Deja. Mark Strong is the enemy, and always does a great job of being the bad guy. He played the same type of role in Robin Hood (with Russell Crowe) and in the Prince in Persia. His character’s role in the universe is great food for thought…

I thoroughly enjoyed Taylor Kitsch in the role of John Carter, and was surprised to learn that he was Gambit in another of my favorite movies, Wolverine, and Lynn Collins was as well- as the Wolverine’s girlfriend. My husband and I also noticed a nice supporting role by one of our favorite guys- Bryan Cranston. I almost yelled out, “Mister WHITE!”

I would definitely recommend this movie to my friends. If there was anything I would change, it would be to see more of the 3-D effects. For me, I don’t really think the 3-D really added much to the movie. I would have enjoyed it just as much without it, but seeing it used more would have been nice.

I really loved the four-armed aliens, and the cute little ‘pet’. You’ll see! This one ranks among my favorites now. Go see this movie!!


4.6 out of 5 Stars


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