Running and Time to Step it UP!

Ok. So, I’ve been running, and running, and running. I’ve been limiting my carbs. I fell off the ketosis wagon about a week in, and I kind of plateaued at the two pounds lost mark. Wow, whoa- time to get out the party streamers. Not so much, really. No. So, I decided that my work out, while noble and hearty, is not enough. Really, I have no six-pack. I have no pack. 

Let me preface this all to say that I never ran before last year, and that I was a long term smoker, beginning in earnest at around 16. I did give it up, and this go ’round, it’s been five years. However, running doesn’t come naturally to this 45 year old. It’s a challenge each time. Today was the first time I crested just shy of the ten minute mark for a mile. Previous to today, it’s been more like 10:20-11:20. So, I had a PR. So funny. My stepkids can do 6.3 minute miles or something insane like that. Anyway, I digress. 

I also have been frustrated in my efforts to make money. I am a wedding officiant, but this time of year is a bit sparse. I love the idea of doing voiceovers, too, but my demos have not landed me any work, and let it be said, that renting studio time for professionally edited voice bits is not exactly cheap. Imagine renting that studio time for every single audition. Hmmn. It’s risky, financially. 

So, I decided to get super serious about my commitment to never let more than one day to pass without a workout, but I am into instant results, and though I have been quite diligent lately, so far, no weight loss. I still have those love handles, despite increasing my reps of sit-ups, crunches, etc. I know, I just need to be more patient and keep at it. However, I also need more challenge. 

So, combining my love of low-carb, fitness pursuits, and the desire to make more money, and to be able to be independently, financially set all combined into a decision I am very proud of. 

I have become a fitness coach, and I am really excited to take my own fitness to the next level, and lead others into the same feeling of accomplishment and health!

I am embarking on a 30-day challenge, which will combine daily workouts of Focus T25 from Beach Body fitness (P-90X), and continue with low-carb eating combined with using their highly rated fitness shakes for one meal per day as well. 

If any of you would like to know more, please send me a message, or comment below. I am currently 135 pounds, with no six pack, drooping thighs, and very little arm strength. Since there is strength in numbers, I challenge you to join me in this quest toward better fitness! And, if you wish- join me as a coach, and help others achieve their own fitness and financial goals. 

🙂 Today was Day 1 of Yoga Booty Ballet, following two miles of treadmill jogging. YBB is great, but I need more hard core challenge, but not at Insanity or P-90X level yet,. 



2 thoughts on “Running and Time to Step it UP!

  1. Best of luck on your journey!! I too am embarking on the same challenge – I have 20 pounds to lose and I’m not sure it will be so easy. A vacation in May is my goal. Until then… Salad, salad, salad!! Lol 😉

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