Update to Let’s Get Real – The Day …and The Dinner

Gentle Readers,

Turns out I did a little of good, and ‘bad’ today. I did go on a run. 3.5 creeping miles. I ate a good, low-carb dinner. I also drank a bit of beer , but at least it was Light beer. I cleaned up the house like a whirling dervish, and I am did also eat a few squares of sugar-free chocolate. So, it was a mixed bag of my usual tricks. Some of them were real treats.

Let’s look at dinner. Literally. I called this creation Turkey and green been Alfredo. In the mix was a lovely Ciao Carb pasta product I have just tried for the first time tonight, and really enjoy.

I will show you the easy steps, and product choices.


So, this Proto-Pasta from Viva Low Carb online is quite satisfying. A whole cup of it is only coming in at 10 grams net carb count. The flavor and texture, with the sauce, was quite delicious.  By the way, Viva Low Carb nor Ciao Carb have given me one red cent or even so much as a coupon to talk about their products. They do not know I exist. Well, they know when I order, but that’s about it.


These are the frozen turkey patties. With the sauce I used, Ragu light Alfredo, no salt was needed, as I found out later. The garlic was a great idea, though. Obviously, you could use beef, tofu, chicken, or cuts of beef in this recipe. It’s basically meat, sauce, veggie of your choice, add sauce. Really not difficult. Maybe you hate green beans but like broccoli. This would be great with chicken and broccoli. I used what I had, and what I was in the mood for.

As the meat cooked, I broke it into bite size pieces, cooking on medium. This allowed it to cook faster, as well. I added the green beans, some chopped green onion, garlic, and then the Ragu sauce. I mixed this up as it simmered, and finally added grated Parmesan cheese. Actually, it was the Green can version. It was cheap, easy, and good. Just how I like my dinner after a long run.

As you can tell, this is very versatile and super easy. The great find was the low-carb pasta, but if you are in the beginning stages of Atkin’s, of some of the other popular paleo diets, etc., you may not be ready for this. I’ve had many a meal that were just meat, veggies, and sauce. That’s great, too! Enjoy!


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