What to Eat on Low- Carb: Examined

This week I finally decided to get smart and followed a plan at the grocery store. I shopped meat on sale first, then planned meals around that. This week’s choices included an 8 lb. pork roast for 14.50, a beef roast, and a value pack of chicken thighs. I can make 4 meals out if the chicken, and have loads of pulled pork to eat, freeze, and share with my shut- in mom.

With that being said , lets look at today: breakfast smoothie: 1/4 cup Greek yogurt, 5 fresh strawberries, a large handful of frozen blueberries, a tblsp. Splenda, and 14 ozs. Unsweetened vanla almond milk. Added one scoop vanilla protein powder ( 5 gr carb) perfect, filling & nutritious! Total grams- 10-12.

Lunch- large mixed greens salad covered in ham and some cheese. Caesar dressing.
Light snack- 1/2 Atkin’s bar. (Total – 5 grams all of that, plus 12= 17 for day so far out of goal of 26. ) dinner is yet to come, but now it’s time for work.


So, dinner at a fast food place is still an option. Tonight’s fare is a dbl whopper with cheese, sans bun and with lots of greens on top. 🙂


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