Low carb, NUTritious Breakfast



So, here we have a really good, light breakfast. I love the Wasa crackers, as they provide grain fiber, but at only 7 net grams of carbs per the 2. My peanut butter adds another 6, so I have the 13 gram breakfast.  That’s about half of what I want for the day, but that is easily accomplished. My salad or meat and veggie stir fry at lunch will be 5 gr or less, and dinner will be meat and veggies as well, so this won’t be going over. Tonight I will be experimenting with stove-top custard. The intention will be to make Stevia/Splenda sweetened Key Lime parfaits with real whipped cream.  I am looking forward to making that. The custard method is in The Joy of Cooking Cookbook, just above the baked custard version. If it turns out well, I will post more details.  If you have egg or nut allergies, or wheat/gluten allergies, then this is a perfectly AWFUL looking breakfast, for which I do apologize.


2 thoughts on “Low carb, NUTritious Breakfast

  1. This is like 175 calories, with the peanut butter. Not a lot for me. I will probably be heading back to the kitchen for more eats before too long. What will I have? If it were you, what would you have? Got it- 1/2 cup Greek yogurt for 5 grams, with a few blueberries on top- let’s just say, for 2 more grams. Total- 7. Total with previous meal- 20. That leaves me just 6 grams for the rest of the day, ideally. If you think I watch the numbers that closely, though, think again. I might go as high as 30 today, or 32. That’s ok. Not perfect, but not yet in the gain zone. As long as most of my days stay out of the gain zone, I don’t gain. HOWEVER, since I am trying to take off 5 lbs., if I do have the yogurt, I have to be pretty careful with lunch, dinner, and any snacks. So, what I am going to do is give my stomach a chance to process this meal. If I am still hungry, I will have another egg- since it’s carb free, and/or a hunk of cheese. Lunch will be full of nutritious vegetables and chicken breast. Until then, it’s time to live my life. 🙂

  2. So, turns out that I survived until lunch time on this, plus another coffee and some real whipped cream. Lunch was sausage/veggie stir fry. My afternoon snack was 2 Atkin’s bars. Dinner was a can of tuna with mayo and pickles. Finally, my last snack was a bit of Greek yogurt with whipped cream. Total carbs estimate: 25-30. Not a bad day at all. I was never feeling starved. The Atkin’s bars made up for my weak dinner, only made so because I was at my mom’s, and her house IS the house that carbs built. I should know, I do her shopping. Her one pre-made salad was all wilty, so I broke out the pure protein. Much of what I had today was fairly loaded with fat. That’s what satisfies hunger and what your body burns once it’s out of easily converted glycogen. See, the body is very efficient. It will do the least amount of work necessary to maintain functioning. The problem with that cheap fuel is that it doesn’t sustain energy for long. So, it could be very high calorie and low nutrition, like a candy bar or cheese danish, but it leaves you hungry and possibly depleted of blood sugar later. Not that you’re really deprived of it, it’s just a roller coaster ride for your insulin pump. The body will crave what it’s used to, to a large degree.

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