Flying Walenda Diet

Ya’ know, falling is not an option if you’re suspended a thousand miles or feet above the ground, walking across a metal cable.

But I call Low-carb the Flying Walenda Diet because it IS all about balance. Today found me way out of balance. The day was perfect in terms of dietary choices until I got home. My nemesis was waiting for me. CAKE.

As long as I believe cake has power over me, it does. Today I was a true believer. I went back several times for slices that got increasingly thick. I also decided to do better than that, and had a good cup sized ‘sample’ of my own tater tot/chicken/cheese casserole.

Earlier this afternoon I decided to scarf up quite a few tortilla chips, and I just had a glass of Barefoot Pinot Cheapio. It’s been a completely unbalanced, stellar day.

Why? I can tell you that as soon as I walked into the kitchen at 3:00 a.m., and saw that shiny, plastic cake under glass, I was done for. Without even thinking I took the heavy lid off, stopped myself suddenly, and said aloud, “What in the world are you doing ? Geez!!” I packed my obedient low-carb lunch and headed off to a world of signs, stickers, and depression.

But I had already set myself up to desire that cake. I didn’t think of it all day, but as soon as I walked into the kitchen again this afternoon, there it was. I stared at it while eating my tortilla chips and hummus. It was too late. I had let it into my mind. So, I decided, OK, today is carb day. I will possibly gain another four pounds overnight. I’ve seen it happen before. I will consume a lot of low carb fare tomorrow, and knowing me, a lot of fiber.

We lose our balance sometimes. We are not expected to live a life where there is never a mindless snack, never a slip in our steely reserve. I have gained five pounds from my low of 123. Ok, Sometimes it’s closer to 8.

I am slowly coming around to a more relaxed attitude. Complete vigilance was of utmost importance when settling into my new life in low-carb. Now, I’ve slipped up, crept up, and let my hard-ass attitude relax. Yay, right?

Problem there is that I am gaining weight. So, time to re-balance.

Was the cake that great? No, it was a box kit at home. I don’t care! It’s moist, sweet, and it has icing. Those are all the requirements it needs.

The casserole? Everyone raved about it. I had to find out if I deserved my own press. Was it amazing? No, it was good. My salad with grilled chicken on top was better.

The wine? I usually don’t indulge, and for reasons that have very little to do with diet, I am limited to one serving per day. It keeps the dark side from emerging. My dark side isn’t too dark, it’s just SO damned candid and overly honest…

I like to make jokes that I am just storing my extra five for the upcoming winter, but that’s a whole lot of bull. That’s what November is for. 🙂

Whatever and wherever your walk in weight loss and eating right is, remember to cut yourself some slack, allow for the wobbles and re-balancing, and so what if you have a feast one night at the fiesta, as long as you get back on the horse. If you wish. Is that what honors your body, mind, and spirit?

Honor those things.

Honor the occasional craving, honor the discipline it takes to continue meeting your own goals. Stay active. Breathe.

“Greatness is excellence filtered through humility”. -Me


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