The Sea of Me

Learning to float was the greatest accomplishment of my young life.

Everything important about life- well, most of it- was encompassed by the letting go, and finally stopping the fight; and yet, not letting go so much that you lost the will to rise.

A perfect balance, a perfect peace enveloped me. Birds chirped happily, the sun shone more intensely in the Florida gulf, and I learned to float.

Everything important about treading life’s waters is encapsulated in this moment. Rising above the weights of life that drag us down can best be illustrated by either flying, or floating. Since I have never achieved flight, let’s look at floating.

Balance. It’s all in the balance. Once achieved, you can put your arms behind your head, cross your feet, and almost take a nap. How? It’s harder to describe than to do. It is a balance between tension and relaxation. You come to a crossroads between focus, and absent-mindedly just doing it.

Life is like that. I ran today. It was tough. Once a week is NOT enough to maintain conditioning, and on the back 1.75 miles, I slowed tremendously. I thought I would quit, but I didn’t. I even had the energy to surge to pass pedestrians, and to go up hills. During my run I witnessed a person wrecked, taken to the hospital, and life-flighted away, and I saw all manner of birds, shadows and sunshine, rain and clouds. I didn’t quit and I didn’t walk. I knew that I had everything within me to finish the race against myself, even if it wasn’t that fast.

That’s life. You find your balance, and you never, ever, ever give up.




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