Just ideas- Let’s Move Forward

Organic fuel systems are by far the most efficient and powerful. A bowl of oatmeal, a glass of OJ, and a tuna sandwich are enough to fuel an organic system which can then, in turn, invent a rocket or an i-phone, or build a skyscraper, or perform a complex surgery.  So, when you inventors and innovators can design a cell phone that can be recharged from the energy currents and heat that surges through my hands alone, I will be impressed. Make it happen. 

Save paper and time, people! Forget all the paper signs and stickers all over a retail space.  For large stores, use digital read out pricing information in shelf channel fixtures or even in digital signs. No more sticker issues, central downloads from main office, all computerized. What’s the hold up? Why the stickers? Cheaper? Not in the long run. Any idea how much ink and paper we waste EVERY day on signs and paper for places like WalMart and other large retailers? Any idea? Also, the employee time needed to create, maintain, change, update, cancel, and hang signs and stickers is about 3-10 full time jobs. Hey, I like being employed, don’t get me wrong, but we can be smarter about this. 

What’s your BIG idea?





4 thoughts on “Just ideas- Let’s Move Forward

    • Me, too! Just came up with a coconut and almond flour biscuit tonight that was not too shabby- but that coconut flour expands to what seems like 8 times it’s original volume, so use it sparingly! I cut in shortening and cream cheese, added 2 tbsp. splenda, salt, spices, and 1/2 and 1/2, with a bit of water. Used baking soda and powder. Gos stuff. Let cool because they crumble apart easily. This would have made a good chicken and dumpling idea, I think. Anything like a blueberry or strawberry shortcake could have been achieved nicely with this by adding a bit more splenda. I will try that next!!

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