Losing Weight No Longer the Goal

Maybe losing weight should still be a goal, but I am OK with my weight right now. I am 127-128 most days. I have gone as high as 130, but when I do, I start working harder on carb control. The fact that I have started running really has nothing to do with my weight loss goals. 

Running is about getting fit, doing something I’ve never done before, and pushing my previous boundaries. Life is very short. We get old before we know it. Settling for contented is not nearly as exciting as pursuing new goals. 

Over a year ago, I decided I either wanted to write for a living, or use my voice. Now I am a wedding officiant, and I get to choose when I do that, and how often. I keep writing . At this point, making a living at it is not as important to me as enjoying the process, and learning. Lucky, thing, too, as I am not submitting anything anyway! No rejection if nothing is submitted. I take solace in the fact that many accomplished writers have seen many rejections!

     Meanwhile, counting carbs on some days makes me want to cry. I may discover that I’ve had 19-23… at breakfast, leaving me less than 10 for the rest of the day. I will probably be going over. Other times, I just want to pretend I don’t know what lettuce is, and just gobble a birthday cake…with the plastic frosting and all. Not even on my birthday. 

Some days I think I’ve done well, but I have gained a pound or two. Maybe the key to it all is ratio of protein/fat/carbs, or some other mystery, but I just keep going, trying to maintain a semblance of sanity, and live a full life, not obsessed with food, eating, dieting, carbs, and counting. 

I know how to lose weight if I want to, and some careful living will be required. I know how to gain weight even better! 



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