Kay-tee, My Amazing Daughter

As soon as this girl’s colic ended at about 6 months of age, she became a  little bundle of adorable, with dimples, the cutest smile, and the sweetest heart of anyone I know. I knew I would gladly jump in front of a train to save her, or kill anyone who tried to hurt her.

She has never been selfish, and I’ve never seen her try to hurt anyone else. She loved little things like snails, frogs, ducks, and all Littlest Pet Shop toys. Well, almost all of them. Some were just ‘dumb’. She was a fairly quiet child, but was able to read starting at age two. I kid you not.

As sweet as she is, she never hesitates to call a spade a spade, which tends to  make her sense of humor lightning quick and fairly deadly- but she can make you laugh so hard you have tears streaming down your face . Though she went through a short spell of hating just about everything, seemingly, those dark clouds seem to have vanished. It’s so good to see her happy!!

The one gift I would give her is the ability to see just how amazing, talented, and special she truly is. This is a girl who goes out of her way just to send me a recipe, or a text to tell me she loves me. I wonder if she knows how much this means to me.

If Kay-tee likes you, you must  be pretty great.  Being as she is trusting, she may be able to be mislead as to someone’s character at first, not wanting to believe the worst. That being said,  if you mistreat her, be sure that a legion of her friends and family will jump all over you, even if she doesn’t, because she inspires fierce protective tendencies in those who love her. Even though she is trusting, she has a very accurate instinct as to a person’s true motives and can tell when something is ‘off.’ She is very loyal, and her huge heart makes her courageous, even when it’s hard to be.

Her artistic abilities are increasing all the time, and she doesn’t seem to see how great they are. The young lady can accurately draw the human hand, in pencil- in detail! That’s very rare. But her art skills aren’t limited to a specific style or genre. She can do anything. She is also a great writer, and can sing fairly well, too- just good luck hearing her do it!

She just needs to keep believing in herself, and watching her grow in to a lovely, happy, compassionate woman makes me more proud than she will know.

I appreciate humility, but my youngest daughter should always know how awesome she is.

Katie the Greatie:

I want to thank you for making my life worth living, for helping me to laugh, for always cheering me up, for knowing what I’m thinking, for being able to have the biggest heart in the world, and for never making me feel that I was unloved or forgotten, no matter what was going on in our lives. Thank you for knowing how to be both a daughter, and a friend.  Thank you for not holding a grudge, because if you did, I probably deserved it. Image

I will always be your biggest fan, Kay-tee.

Love, Mom


2 thoughts on “Kay-tee, My Amazing Daughter

  1. PS – We’ll always have Rockstar, Fuji, Thrift Store days, Salon Takeover, Dexter and Breaking Bad nights, and …the pull out bed!!

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