Peace and Quiet on the Blog Front

I’ve been absent from my blog for a couple of weeks. It’s been a busy, productive time. The weather has been a little nicer. I’ve got interviews to plan for, my mom to attend to, and running. My new fitness hobby became much more interesting when I did my first road run since I’ve been treadmill training. Instead of being harder than the treadmill, my run was easier, and I was able to go farther, and with better time, than on the “dreadmill”. Despite all my worries, I actually enjoyed my run. There was something liberating about not seeing the constant red digits dictating how much farther I ‘have’ to go to get to the promised land. Just knowing I HAD to run to get back to my car was incentive enough. Granted, I could have walked. But I didn’t need to. I made my five K limit and then I broke it. I actually sprinted the last several hundred yards. I am grateful to the treadmill for making me focus on pacing myself. I have become accustomed to spacing out the amount of energy I expend per distance traveled. I have learned to focus on my breathing, and the way my foot hits the ground. I have gone from being a non-runner to being able to do 3.5 miles in 30 minutes. I am both proud of myself and yet humble, thinking about the fact that the kids can do that run in about 24-26 minutes. It doesn’t seem like a big difference, does it? But in a race, it is. Really, though, I don’t care so much about winning any races. The race I am already winning is the one against my doubts, my laziness, my apathy. 

Eating: I’ve definitely been craving more carbs lately, and I have actually increased my intake, in mostly good ways. For example, more whole grain low carb tortillas. It doesn’t mean that I am now OK to chow down on chips and cake. I am simply increasing acceptable sources of carbohydrate to accommodate increased exercise. It hasn’t been much of an increase, either. I am up to about 35-45 grams per day, with no gain. My weight is 127. I laugh at the concept of carbo loading. Maybe for elite, skinny marathon runners, but not for little 3 and 5 k runners like me. I hasten to add that this may not be true for everyone. I am sure my pasta-scarfing brethren who have strong, perfect bodies are apt to disagree with my high-protein, low carb approach coupled with exercise. They may argue that I would have better runs if I gave my body more immediate sources of energy. However, I am a protein burner first, all else second at this phase of my biology. 

Those of us used to running and low carb will fare best to keep to that plan before a run, and those who are used to their fuel coming from primarily glycogen should probably not change that just before a race or run.

Of all my low carb product purchases a couple of weeks ago, my favorite by far is the Bob’s Red Mill bread mix. You don’t have to make a giant loaf of bread with it. It is a wonderful start to pancakes, muffins, low-carb pie crust, biscuits, just about anything! Yesterday, it was the starter to a yummy banana waffle. Today, regular pancakes with s/f syrup. Just treat it the same as you would flour. 

The next best thing was the Big Train double chocolate muffin mix, and then finally, the low-carb granola by Flax-y Snax. In fact, I have plans to ‘buy up’ the Bob’s low-carb bread mix online. You can’t find it in any store around here. 

So, there’s my news for the week. 

I’ve been busy trying to help our cat. Our 23-pound chubby cat who went into some self-induced anorexia and lost half her body weight within two months. She’s at the vet now, getting IV fluids and additional testing. All that weight loss caused hepatic lipidosis and jaundice. We can treat the liver and force feed, but why she stopped eating is the mystery. ..





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