Products Division: Low Carb Treats of the Month!

OK, so here’s the line- up of treats. So far, I have tried the ‘crispy rice treats’, the cranberry orange cookies, and the Flax- Z- Snax cereal. I like them all. Tonight I made the Big Train Chocolate chip cookies. I forgot to read how many carbs were in each, and had about 7 of them. They’re pretty decent. I ate too many carbs today, but I did have a lot of fun. Back to running tomorrow. Meanwhile, some of the items that didn’t get into the picture very well include a flax-based ‘pizza crust’, that is just one serving size, and the Bob’s low carb bread mix. To the far left is a key lime pie mix. I would probably reorder everything I’ve ordered, but maybe not on a regular basis. I  can’t always afford it. The other really nice product my mom gave me is the “Yonanas” soft serve maker. You just put bananas and other frozen fruit in it. If you’re using bananas, no sweetener is necessary. This  Comes out creamy and smooth. Absolutely wonderful. The machine has three simple parts to clean. This does something no blender can do- creamy, smooth soft-serve consistency from just fruit.  I have an idea for a creamy chai tea soft serve! Tonight I had banana-strawberry. My dinner. Dessert to that dinner was dry Dixie Apple Berry Granola. Quite nice!  Wow- a lot of FIBER here, folks! Yes, bananas are a bit high in carbs. I have also gone to 129 this week, having all this fun. Again, problems with this moderation thing. Then again, I also convinced myself I was pregnant, then not, then in perimenopause, which also proved false. Crazy week! I do not get paid or comped for any product reviews. I just want people to know what’s out there to keep low-carb interesting.  Also, I like being an example for all of you on what happens when you eat too much of anything. You gain weight, and in the case of low-carb, high fiber products, you might  spend more time in the restroom…Products Division: Low Carb Treats of the Month!

The line-up from Lo-Carb U


One thought on “Products Division: Low Carb Treats of the Month!

  1. Honestly- of this entire collection, there are only 2-3 items I would order again. The California Lifestyles Walnut/Cinnamon bread is a true keeper. With 6 gr. carbs per slice, it makes amazing toast of french toast!! As French toast , it stays firm enough to handle the egg batter. Topped with butter and sugar-free syrup, it’s a true treat, coming in at about 15 grams carbs with the syrup, and just 12 without. Next, the Bob’s Mill Low Carb bread mix. Anything by Bob’s Red Mill is always of high quality. I thoroughly enjoyed this and the baking mix I bought afterward. Just be advised that leavening is up to you with that mix. It’s not in there like it is with Bisquik and the like. Finally, the cereals. I have missed cereal quite a bit, and both of those above were very nice. I was not impressed with the crisped rice treat, even though I ate every bit of it. The Big Train chocolate chip cookies and muffins were so-so. I’d rather eat the real thing or just not. Too gritty, too much fake-sweetener aftertaste. The Key lime pie mix was just gross. I haven’t tried the chocolate soft-serve yet. The pizza crust was disgusting, and low-carb tortillas are a much better choice for a ‘crust’ for your homemade pizzas. That’s the review. Hope you enjoyed!

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