Just a Little Note on Running!

I have been consistent in jogging on the treadmill since we got it up and running on Dec 28. Since that time, I have been working toward longer runs, increased incline, and now finally adding some speed. Not much, mind you! I am still only able to do a 5k (3miles) in thirty minutes. That’s my best time. Before you laugh too hard, I just want to share the fact that before November, I never ran. Never jogged. I could speed-walk at about 4.4 mph, but that’s it. Jogging and running take a whole lot more cardio conditioning and endurance. Especially mental endurance.

So, through all of this hard work, I’ve had my crutches that road runners (ahem) don’t actually always have the luxury of. I have my Just-in-case nose towel, that I always seem to need. Allergies. I have my tunes at full-blast, set to tempos that are precisely timed to correspond with warm-up, main cadence, then cool down. I have my trusty water bottle, screen door open and fan a-blowing. If I could have the seven-lord’s-a-leaping, I’d have that, too.

What I don’t have is car’s-a-rolling, strollers to side-step, hills to climb, potholes to negotiate, and various distractions. (Squirrel!!) I won’t have the luxury on the real road of knowing just how fast I am going, and knowing that if I can just run at 7 mph for the last 1/2 mile, I will beat my previous time. I won’t have a cushioned run, or the ability to distract myself from the fact that three miles is a pretty long way for a newbie like me.

Soon enough, it will be time to get real- on the road, in my first outdoor run that they call a ‘race’.  It’s been winter, and I am a huge Floridian at heart. If it’s not at least 65* with the sun shining, I don’t go out much. So, I have to prepare myself more properly for the road. Can I do it without all my props? No water bottle? No nose towel? Farmer blow, are you kidding me!! I can get some sort of gadget to gauge my speed, and maybe, just maybe, bring my music.

Have any of you started on a treadmill and not the road? How was the transition? Did it seem much harder?

Tell me your thoughts or share your advice!

I am up to about 3 thirty minute runs per week. I start with a brisk walk, then restart my time and set speed at 5.5. I stay there for about a mile, then increase to 6 mph until I feel like I am dying, then back to about 5.4 for awhile. On bad days, I drop to a brisk walk for about 30 seconds and go back to regular speed. Somewhere between mile 2-3, I get my second wind and can even get in some fartlek-type sprints in at between 6.6-7.0 mph.

Sometimes I fail to do the 5k, and only do 3, but 5 is becoming more and more normal.

Thanks for reading, and for any imput you may have.

By the way, I have really been craving salt and potatoes lately. Do I just need to take more potassium?


5 thoughts on “Just a Little Note on Running!

  1. Lee, the fact that you’re doing all your training on the “dreadmill” is amazing! I would need all your props to make it for a 5K on that thing too. There is nothing like the open road. You learn the nose blow (naturally) when you’re out there =).. There is nothing like the fresh air and the scenery. You will be amazed at how strong you feel on the road after running on the treadmill. The road, for me, offers resistance and more push off, so I feel so much stronger. I could run 20 on the road and feel like I’m going to die at 2 on the treadmill, hence the word, “dreadmill”. It probably is more a mental thing but you will have other distractions out on the road that will carrry you through your race and you’ll be amazed at your time and how fast it goes by. Enjoy and you’re doing great! Keep it up =).. PS. the race most likely will have a water station too!


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