Low-carb Comfort Food?!





All of these items are wonderful, lo- carb, and not full of chemical compounds or funky fiber! I made a great tuna casserole with the Dreamfield’s Elbow Mac last night. Just watch portion sizes, as it IS yummy. Don’t forget to have some salad on the side. All available at Viva Low Carb! Weight today: 126. Cellulite? Diminishing thanks to Cellulite MD. It’s been 3 weeks, and I’ve been impatient, but finally seeing some results. Somehow, losing weight made it appear worse than being heavier did. I guess I was left with some sag and emptied fat cells, so the skin didn’t know what to do. I was encouraged that even the hot Halle Berry and fit Jillian Michaels have it, and realized my body is just great! Hope this is encouraging to you all who are tired of a bread less life. Carpe Diem!!


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