I’ve Gained Five Pounds this month Working Out !

OK, what gives? Just in the time between yesterday and waking up this morning, I have gained another pound. What has changed? Several things could be to blame. I will start with the most obvious. I have not been keeping very close track of my carb intake. I have been enjoying more ‘sugar free’ foods lately, and I haven’t been keeping a food journal. It’s true that I have also added more low-carb food into my diet lately that is grain based. “Low carb tortillas’ have taken a bigger role in my eating, while salads are not as predominant. So all of these things could be factors.

The next change: Regular cardio and strength exercise. OK, but I am not buying that I have gained five pounds of muscle. More like five pounds of cellulite.

Next: My doctor put me a low dose thyroid med about three weeks ago. It is supposed to elevate my thyroid, though- not suppress it.

Weight today: 129.8. A month ago? 124. What in the world? Ok, five pounds is not a huge deal, but this was FAST. My clothes still fit, but are getting snug on the butt. In fact, that seems to be where the gain is most noticeable.

Any low carb expert ideas? Again, the most obvious answer has to be that I have not been paying as close attention to carb intake,and have been creeping up past the point where I can maintain. You may be thinking I have been eating 100 grams of carbs a day or something, but it’s nowhere close to that. I don’t think I’ve ever gone over 60, and that is on rare occasions. Maybe not as rare as I’d like to believe. That ‘sugar free fro yo’ has more carbs from the milk content than I would care to think about. And I haven’t been strict to be thinking about it as much lately.So, back to the count, and watching my portions. I will keep the exercise, for bone and muscle strength, for the challenge, etc. Since the thyroid medicine has not done anything for me except make me dizzy in the morning and delay my breakfast, I am going to ditch it. It was never strongly advised by my doctor, anyway. He just sort of said- “Yeah, we could start you on that, I guess.”

 It did not make my hand and foot circulation decidedly better, either. I still get purple and white splotched, numb hands and feet at times. More often than I like. It’s weird. We think it’s Reynaud’s. The Synthroid hasn’t done anything good for me that I can ascertain. My ‘low’ thyroid was never very low. I was only put on a 25 mcg dose. 

Meanwhile, back to the drawing board, and back to 30 gram carb days. I have been feeling much more hungry lately, and so I have to be triggering the carb beastie, or simply eating too much.

Today begins the food journal continuation. I don’t usually give out the laundry list of my daily eats on my blog, but perhaps it will helpful to someone, including myself. Making a lot of reversals in my daily routine- in other words, changing the changes all at once will not make for a very good controlled scientific test. I won’t know if it was ditching the medicine or cutting the carbs, or watching the portion sizes that will be the trick.

Thinking about it, the biggest thing I have added is much more Greek yogurt and fruit. Hmmn. Perhaps it’s been a bit of overkill.

I will keep you posted. Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated. This has been a sad confession.


One thought on “I’ve Gained Five Pounds this month Working Out !

  1. Ok, I lost it. I’ve gotten much hungrier lately, but it took consistent running to find my balance. I have a new caloric threshold. If I fail to meet it, by going too low, my appetite soars and I want to eat everything and anything, but most especially french fries are calling out to me. I never liked them before, and I can only think that maybe I need to up my potassium intake, because bananas are also looking really good lately. I gave in an indulged a couple of days ago on fries. I didn’t feel guilty, but got back on track. LCC imparted that bit of wisdom to me.

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