Yes, I ate too much. So, sue me.

Today, I got home and was too hungry. Not as much hungry for food as for an experience. I really didn’t eat too much in terms of calories, but yes, in carbs. I am only annoyed with myself for it because of why I did it. I wasn’t caving to peer pressure, or simply accidentally eating hidden carbs. I was bored. I made a sugar free cheesecake and had some So Delicious no sugar added ice cream. Both are very low carb, and I had about 35 grams otherwise. For the day, probably ate about 45. Actually, that’s not too bad. I just don’t like eating for fun, or out of boredom. Time to get a new hobby. Oh, yeah- blogging! I have a good book I could be reading, also. I have nothing to complain about…just bored. This was not worth a blog post! Wow…


Don't Keep Your Silence!

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