Lunch of Champions!



2 thoughts on “Lunch of Champions!

  1. I meant to post a comment about the picture, but missed the opportunity, so here goes. The fish is salmon that we get from Costco. It’s vacuum sealed, 100% clean and boneless. It is very fast to thaw, still packaged, in a bowl of warm water. I used Johnny’s Garlic on this, olive oil, honey, and Hickory Smoke flavoring. I marinated it for only fifteen minutes, but it was still amazing. The word among Pescarian info is that Atlantic fish can be high in mercury and maybe other toxins. I don’t worry about that much, perhaps I will someday. For now, it’s a delicious fish, high in protein, full of the Omega (s) we all need, and quite satisfying. I paired it for an easy lunch with a California blend of veggies, and a plain Greek Yogurt by my favorite- Fage brand- that I sweetened with whipped cream and a bit of Stevia. And there’s a great lunch for after a workout, too! I did my first 5k on the treadmill, finally breaking my previous 3k barrier. I am getting prepared to do some baby step races in the Spring/Summer. A question to any runners out there: How much of a shock am I in for when I convert from running only on a treadmill to the real road? Am I going to hit a wall ? Should I really make it a point to get out on pavement ASAP?

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