The Week In Workouts!

Since Christmas, I have been working out much more regularly than ever before in my life. I take that back. The only other time I worked out this much, or this hard, was when I was sixteen, with no car, and working at a car wash. Moving at the speed of high -pressure water, cleaning inside windows in the hot Florida sun was more of a workout. However, I am still getting more intense cardio work now. 

I have been working out every day this week, but today I am definitely taking the day OFF. I need to recuperate, and the massage chair is sounding really good. 

I have been alternating treadmill running and hill climbing with the Kathy Smith PGX Program. I don’t use PGX, or really know what it is, but the workout is great! This was given to me at work and sat in my locker for about six weeks. I finally brought it home and threw it in the DVD player and was surprised at how much I like it, her, and what a good workout it is. 

I am starting to see some new shadows and lines on my abs already. Not anything like a six pack, it’s more like contour lines of developing muscle that never existed before. 

Things I have learned:

Running can be hard on your neck and shoulders. I am not sure why, or how to change that.

Hit the protein hard right after a workout.

Working out every day without a break is Hell. Take a day off! Get a massage, even if it’s just a hand-held massage wand thing you are using. Not everyone can afford a pro massage very often!

Expect more hunger, but don’t feed yourself with high carbs and junk. Eat smart carbs if anything- vegetables, fruit, and whole, sprouted grains are best. But, rebuild the muscle with PROTEIN. 

My recovery fuel:

2 scoops vanilla whey protein ( 5 gr net carbs per serving. Sweetened with Sucralose (Splenda)

2 cups fresh spinach leaves

1 carrot

1/2 frozen mango or blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. 

1/2 frozen banana

about 1.5 cups of water or half and half, or milk- I like almond milk or water.

Throw all of this in your Ninja or Blend-Tek, or juicer. 

Enjoy your own fresh “Green Machine” at a fraction of the cost. 

Recovery day is today for me. I plan on a slow, restorative yoga session at home with the new age music, and a chair massage. 

I hear you- “Must be nice to have all that time to work out”. Yes, it is. But what it boils down to is making it a priority, and turning excuses, even if valid, into simply schedule adjustments to be made. 

Excuse # 1:

I work from 8-5. I have to get the kids to daycare/school, then make a major commute to work. After work I am just too tired. 

Solution 1: Get a treadmill or stair climber or DVD series and workout one hour prior to your normal wake-up time. Pick a spot in the house that won’t disturb others, especially the kids, who might come plodding out of their rooms and say, “What ya doin’? I’m hungry!”

Your objection: There’s nowhere in the house I can do this and not wake someone up. Ok, could you hit the gym in the morning before you have to get the kids up and ready? Ours open at five a.m. You could be home before anyone knows you were gone. (This is not recommended for single-adult households!) Could you put exercise equipment in the garage? Basement? Could you go out and run early in the morning? It may seem really hard to get up extra early on a cold, winter morning to work out. I know. Sleep is precious.  Still, the upside is that you will be surprised at how a morning workout will really energize your day. Three days a week, 30-40 minutes, though. You can do this. OK, if the morning just won’t work, do you have an hour lunch? Spend 30 eating, and the next thirty on a brisk walk. Many businesses have official walking trails. Others simply have large parking lots. Take advantage. Bring your workout shoes. Don’t want to get sweaty? Again, brisk walk, not a run. 

Finally, after work is the hardest time to hope for a workout. There’s dinner to make, and it you have kids, so much to do before bed! I am not a big fan of after work exercise, but when I do it, I actually end up feeling really good, and sleeping well. However, I would recommend a quiet, slow  yoga or light warm up- and stretching routine. Maybe an after-dinner walk around the block is more your speed. I have done that many times. It also is great to do with the whole family! But, sometimes it’s nice to have that quiet ‘Me’ time while someone else cleans up the dinner dishes. 

The bottom line : Where there is a will, there IS a way. If you want it enough, you will make it happen, and if you don’t, you will always find excuses. I know, I am a pro at it. 



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