Exercise Lately

It’s been regular for the past two weeks. Since getting the treadmill, and a Kathy Smith workout DVD that is kicking my butt, I have been faithful to keep at it. 

I am able to go 2 miles in twenty minutes. Lame if you’re a regular runner, but great if you are brand new to running. Going from zero to two miles has been quite a feat for me. I will not give up. Soon, it will be time to start increasing distance, or speed, and then both. 

My weight is maintained at 124. Mostly because I move a lot. Work is a standing affair, with a lot of walking, bending, lifting and stretching. While it is not cardio intensive for the most part, it is 4-8 hours of muscle strengthening, or at the very least, maintaining. 

I believe that the combo of strength with Kathy Smith, and running will be the 1-2 killer combo that I have been looking for. While I still wish I could airbrush the fat dimples from certain areas of my derriere, I am 90% satisfied with my body image. It’s fun to see muscle shadows developing on my abs and thighs, again- not so fun to see those shadows elsewhere…not caused from muscle at all. 😉

I want to post on really serious issues tonight, because of the Daily Post prompt- “Tell about a time you felt completely helpless”, and what you did about it. I have three huge helpless times in my life. Which one will I choose? Let’s find out…


I worked out between 30 minutes and one hour an average of four times a week, for the past two weeks. I have no intention of quitting. Don’t YOU, either. Let’s support each other. I am not winning any Pulitzer’s here, so what the hell else is a blog good for if not to support one another? Well, sorry- some of YOU MAY be in contention for the Prize, I don’t know. If not, let’s help each other out.


One thought on “Exercise Lately

  1. Good for you for sticking to it. I’m planning on starting some workout videos today and then hopefully getting back in the gym once all the resolutions wear off and there is room on the treadmills again.

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