Christmas Feasts and Not Gaining Weight

It’s true. I enjoyed a very lovely Christmas. For two days, I also ate whatever I wanted, and did not gain weight. I went right back to low carb life the next day, and I did not/have not gained weight. I think LCC has a great point. Whereas I am not content to gain ten pounds over a vacation, I would have been OK with 2-4, and I was SURE that would happen. I had resigned myself to the idea that it would happen, but that I didn’t care. I would work it off , starve it off, etc. But wait, I never starve myself on low-carb. Interesting thing, while I enjoyed all the treats I made and that others made, I didn’t feel like a slave to them. Perhaps, as LCC says, I am not the same person. What is the difference? Maybe sweets aren’t a true addiction for the body to the extent of drugs. Maybe it’s more of a mental and habitual thing. Or, maybe because I was so strict during the first nine months of low-carb, I reached a point of equilibrium in my body where I no longer am fueled by sugar, an inferior grade of power, to be sure. I no longer need it. Mentally, I have learned to cope without it. Now, it’s a nice diversion, not a driving compulsion. I never want it to be that for me again.

We got a treadmill! I found a great deal at Costco, and got my husband and family a treadmill for Christmas. I am very excited. I think it’s a good deal for the money- it has all the bells and whistles. The HP is 2.5 CHP, and I only hope that’s enough for the long term. I had considered dropping our gym membership, but only one person can use the treadmill at a time. My husband and kids like to run together, side by side. I also see the upside of the classes, elliptical, etc. However, I also would like to ditch the $78 per month payment. There are gyms in this area that offer 2 YEARS for $99 – total! Yeah, we have a pool, but it’s not getting used enough to justify the amount I pay each month. I digress.

The point of all this was to tell you all that I survived Christmas, while eating some fudge, a piece of pumpkin pie, quite a few cookies, and even some chocolate. I am not sorry. Well, I did have a bit of a stomach ache Christmas night, but it was just a nice reminder of why I don’t want to eat like that all the time.

I know, Lee the purist falls from her lofty perch. I haven’t fallen from eating right most always, I just fell from thinking I could NEVER TOUCH sugar again and not go on a complete three-month- to -year binge. I think I can have the holiday indulgences, and go back to the plan. The danger would be to start thinking I can do this more and more often and that it wouldn’t hurt. Why not? Because then it would become my habit. Habits lead to changes- whether for better or for worse. This is not a habit I want to revisit.

Why do I write this blog? I want people to help support me, and I want to help support others who also have discovered better health and weight maintenance through low-carb eating. I want to crow a little about my successes, because this is something I have worked hard on, and one of the only ways I have ever found to lose weight and keep it off. It has inspired me to begin exercise, and to feel like by telling my story to family and friends at work, that just maybe I will help someone to reach some of their goals.

Thank you all for reading!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Feasts and Not Gaining Weight

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your holidays, Lee. Cheats need to be judged by frequency and context. Xmas fudge with the family – yes. Bag of chips on any given Tuesday in front of the TV watching reality TV – no.

    People want to lose weight to be happy – weight loss is not a goal worth striving if the only reward is a number on a scale.

    As to me and my 10 pounds, I am trying to prove something to myself.

    Happy 2013 and keep on blogging – I look forward to your posts.

  2. The reasons people want to lose weight are varied and can be complex. I am not trying to make points nor prove anything to anyone, other than myself. I am not here to justify my choices, and don’t expect anyone else to do so. I just want to compare notes, discover, learn from others, and even have some intellectual debate. All of it is truly a support system . Weight Watcher’s greatest success comes from it’s support groups. Low carb should have the same. Thank you for sharing your wealth of wisdom, and for reading my blog, too!

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