Couple’s Massage

Our wedding anniversary should be special. I mean SPECIAL. The once a year extravaganza of expenditures- over birthdays and Christmas, over even Valentine’s Day. That means, you do whatever necessary to ensure that when that day arrives, you can pull out all the stops. Couples massage is a nice choice. Ditto for bungee jumping or tandem parachute jumps. I don’t know- just make it grand. Understandably, finances do play a part. I can’t afford to pay a massage therapist to rub down my husband with no more skill or acumen than I have for $70 per hour when I make less than $15 per hour, but I did that. I did that so I could make him feel that he takes priority with me- not only my time and affection, but in areas that require sacrifice and generosity.

I think it was worth it, but again- I think I need to go back to school for massage therapy, because I GOT THIS. I don’t really want to rub down the senior silver-backs but OK- for $70 an hour I can deal with the hair, smiling later on the way to the bank. The massage therapists may argue that they have a significant cut out of that which goes to space rent, then there’s taxes. Do they even get insurance availability for their families, or do they have to work as independent contractors? I don’t know, but perhaps their financial lives aren’t the cakewalk I presume.

All I know is that I would have paid a month’s pay to know that I pleased my husband. I wanted him to feel pampered, adored, WORTH IT. I can only hope he understands that , and that he isn’t upset that I spent ‘so much’ on him. I should not feel the need to prove my love to him through expenses, though. I hope that is not what I am doing. Last year, I think I just gave him a card and some massage oil, but this year, I had some extra money, and I wanted to spoil him.

Why? Because he can sew a flag and style my hair, after mowing the lawn and changing my   oil. He was a pastry chef and graphic artist ,but also helped build and decorate this house. He is a loving father, and a man of wonderful work ethic. He is honest and straight-forward, not wasting his time with flattering others, because he is genuine in his care and concern for others, and is everyone’s friend. He takes care of as many people he can who he loves, and is just good. Good to his ex, his kids, me, his mom, his friends, his co-workers, and neighbors. He inspires you to want to rise to his level, where there is no pettiness, jealousy, or hatred. He claims no Christianity, but is more Christian than many who proclaim that title.

Whatever fears and demons I fight in my own mind, have truly nothing to do with him. I am reminded that mindfulness- living in the moment, is so very important for my sanity.

I fear what he might be doing- but what is actually HAPPENING at this moment?

False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is stupid.

Anyway, the couple’s massage was quite nice . They sprinkled rose petals on both beds, and after the massage, we were treated very nicely to a sumptuous feast of meats and cheeses and white wine.


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