My Daughter the Rock Star

Maybe, she’s actually a blues star. Nevertheless, she’s also a chef at a fine restaurant, and is 19 years old. Therefore, she knows almost everything, especially about food and diet. She works out a lot, and when she isn’t working out, she is literally working. Sometimes she goes days without a decent meal. This same person, who I love dearly, wants to lecture me on my ‘crazy diet’ of ‘salads’. She heard that I wasn’t feeling too good the other day and was debating whether or not to go to the gym. She chalked it up to my eating patterns. She was wrong. 

She loves a good pasta or bread. And if her diet is working for her, more power to her. I don’t call her up and tell her how to eat. I only ask that she DOES eat fairly regularly. She proposes that I eat what I want, just a lot less of everything. Well, I tried that once. More than once. I have trouble maintaining self control with small portions of cornbread muffins, ice cream, and cake. I could eat three desserts a day to go with my small portions of meat and veggies. I was a total sweet tooth. It is simply easier for me to swear those foods off than to eat just a bit. I made an exception for my birthday, but found the enjoyment to not be as exalted as I had made it out to be. Maybe that’s how normal weight people feel about sweets, or food in general. Take it or leave it, only when I am hungry, etc. I had problems with that. But, my health is not suffering. As far as I know, I am in better shape now than I have been in a long time. I have great stamina and I eat for nutrition before enjoyment, not enjoyment at the expense of nutrition. 

As a test, I think I will get my cholesterol checked, but I hate having to pay out of pocket for some of these ‘optional ‘ tests. Perhaps cholesterol testing will be covered under insurance. I never had a cholesterol problem when I ate high carb. If it has worsened now, I will take a look at my meat- and- dairy based fat consumption. If, as I suspect, my levels are fine, I will put some of the critics to rest. 

Meanwhile, back to the gym tomorrow. I skipped it today only because I was worried about my car battery giving out again. It should be fine. I broke down three times before finally getting to work forty minutes late the other day. A tow truck was involved. I had been heading to the gym, but decided to go to the bank first, and well- the car wouldn’t even try to crank when I turned the key. That began the adventure. Tomorrow will be a busy day, though. I have to go shopping for my mom, work out, and then head out to Salem to see the rock star in concert! She’s playing a cafe venue with a few other talents. I am looking forward to it!



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