Oh, All the Places You’ll Go, and The Things That You’ll Eat!

The birthday was extraordinarily out of the ordinary. I strolled downtown, bought a few things, ate a few things…

Breakfast was at my favorite local gem of a restaurant- The Cornerstone Cafe. I enjoyed eggs and sausage, and managed to eat one large pancake with butter and about a 1/2 carafe of syrup. It sat like a stone in my gut, so I was on my way. I headed into the next small town – my favorite fun-time haunt, and hit the WalMart. Yeah, bras for my birthday. From me, to me. You’re probably thinking- Walmart and Not Victoria’s Secret? Well, what kind of budget do you think I have, anyway?

By the time the shopping was done, it was lunchtime. I thoroughly enjoyed “pizza bread” with pepperoni on top and a mug of beer. Imagine a hoagie roll, half of it. That’s the portion size. That was OK, the day was young. 

I went by a new shop on the strip that featured a mannequin, moving on it’s own in the window. Or, at least it’s top half. It seemed to be a robot! Amazing- so I had to peer in, in time to see the shop owner on the floor, attempting to get Mannie into a pair of leg warmers, causing the crazed dance moves I had seen outside the window. I laughed out loud, and had a fun time getting to know the shop owner, sampling all her wares, and buying absolutely nothing.

Next, I had to check out Bertrucci’s. I didn’t even know what was in there but it sounded Italian, and I was thinking Spumoni ice cream cake. They did not have that at all, but what they did have was two cases packed with beautiful chocolates. So, I picked one called “Mt. Hood” truffle-  a nutty, white chocolate nugget of creamy delight, and a Grand Marnier truffle. It was too rich, and I ditched it into a trash can as I sauntered along. That was it for ‘the strip’ in this small northwest area. So, now what? The thrift store offered no eye candy at all. I went to the book store, which is going out of business next week, and bought my first book there. So magnanimous of me I can barely stand it. I got the next in the Jean M. Auel series that I have been meaning to read. It’s Plains of Passage. The whole thing is frankly getting old, but Jondolar and Ayla have some pretty steamy sex scenes, so I keep reading them. Seriously, what annoys me about her writing is that she is trying to keep tying in the other stories in the series, in case you didn’t read them and need all that background, or maybe to entice you to go buy the others. Nevertheless, Clan of the Cave Bear was the best one, so far. 

Ayla gets on my nerves since I can’t help but to imagine Darryl Hannah since that movie came out many years ago. Decades?

My husband came home, and I had it in my silly mind that we were going to go out for cake after my birthday. I am not quite sure why I thought that, yet never communicated this idea to him. He had been working all week from 5 a.m. to five p.m., his normal day shift hours, and was tired. I was, too really. We did have Vanilla vodka creamsicle drinks, though. It was my first time with that. It didn’t seem as amazing as I thought it would. Dinner was lobster tail, New York strips, rice, and Brussels Sprouts. Who is Brussel, anyway ? 

Enough of my attempts at humor. I went to bed wanting still wanting my cake, and my husband, too. We were both too tired to do anything about it, though. 

Today I WAS up from 123.6 the morning of my birthday to 127.6. I told you that would happen! That didn’t stop me from stopping at Starbucks to finally get my cake, though. I ordered two of the ‘Cranberry Bliss’ bars, and that completely satisfied my cakey cravings. For the rest of the day, I cruised in low-carb land, even enjoying a L/C bagel and an l/c tortilla. Back to the gym tomorrow! I did some yoga stretching to “new age’ music this evening, as my muscles were in a knot. I felt kind of crummy and low energy all day today. The sugar processing took a lot out of me, I think. I feel better now, knowing that I have splurged and am done. As fun as it was, it was kind of a guilty torture, too. I didn’t anticipate feeling lousy, but I sort of did, after all the food. Trying to sleep last night was a challenge. It took me forever to get comfortable. I was running hot and could not relax. My pulse was pounding in my head. Even my feet and hands were warm, which is very unusual for me. I think that may have been the vodka, improving my circulation. Maybe I was just bloated with fluid and sugar. At any rate, back to the routine! 




2 thoughts on “Oh, All the Places You’ll Go, and The Things That You’ll Eat!

  1. Sounds like it was fun!! Unfortunately I too celebrate with food. I need to be better at my every day life and stay off grains. Even if you eat low carb, you CAN eat too many carbs, specially if you have access to them. 🙂 I do not look forward to the eating part of the holidays. When I am surrounded with bad sugary stuff I have no control. I am good when I am busy at the store and do not think of food. I also need to be more active!! I confess I bought an elliptical for mother’s day and have used it maybe 5 times. It’s a great one! it’s in front of a nice flat screen, and somehow I do not get on it. I wish I had your will power and determination! Always look forward to your posts! Have a great day! Rossana

    • Rossana,

      With the exception of my cheat day, which made me feel sluggish and blue in the long run, I simply don’t consider my danger foods as something I can have- period. Danger foods are doughnuts, danishes, cakes, pie, candy, french fries, buns, rolls, regular bread, rice, pasta, and sugary sauces like ketchup and bbq. I can eat at most of my favorite restaurants, and usually do well. At the Chinese places, I ask for no sauce, since these are generally filled with corn starch. I did find that going to below 122 causes me to look old and gaunt. My daughters have been worried about me. My eldest said, “as hard as you work, you have to eat more than salads!” She doesn’t seem to realize that my salads are topped with a lot of meat and cheese. Plenty of energy there. Also, I eat a lot of eggs and veggies, and supplement with low carb whey protein drinks. I never feel ravenously hungry, but when I do, I crave chicken or beef! As with any foods we consistently eat, they become the ones you crave. The rest of it is all a mental game. As long as I consider that I COULD eat a big bowl of noodles, and that my suffering would end, that is the reality I create for myself. It is not truth. If I really ‘need’ carbs, there’s always veggies, fruit, or a l/c bagel, wherein which is good grains and fiber with protein. So there’s my story, and I am sticking to it.

      Thank you for reading, and even more for the comments!

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