Today is My Birthday! I’m Gonna Have a Good Time!

 On Birthdays:

Ok, so here I am up at 6:33. I was awakened at 5:30 by a well-meaning in- law with a text or Facebook “Happy Birthday!” The little beep and light on my phone woke me up. Well, silly me. I should have turned my phone to ‘do not disturb’ last night when I went to bed. Nevertheless, why not get up? After all, I only have one single day to live like it’s my birthday. Last night, I got a nice gift from co-workers, I was handed a lovely gift bag in which contained a big bottle of vanilla vodka. I bought Orange Crush and Root Beer to go with it for tonight. My husband was quick to accept my invite for a drink for tonight- with the caveat that it would only be one. ” I’m just not into more than I need”. I can’t help but think he’s trying to influence the amount of my imbibing as well with this ‘subtle’ commentary. Alcohol is rarely about need. Perhaps after a crazy, stressful day, or the death of a loved one it might be considered a need. However, on your birthday, drinking comes under the category of “Yee-hah”. That’s OK. I certainly don’t want to make an ass of myself and embarrass my husband…again.

I have a plan for the day. Already, last night I ate 10 grams of pure Rocher delight. Not much, but I got started early. I am going to take myself out for breakfast. I won’t be having hashbrowns and toast, simply because I don’t care for those foods, but I MAY have a waffle in mind. Yep. With syrup, fruit, and whipped cream. I just might. I will be alone, though. I don’t know if a celebration all alone is quite as exciting as being with friends. I do have friends, I just don’t spend any time with them outside of work. They are coincidence friends .You know, the kind you might never pick on your own, but because you work together, you form a bond, a friendship, based on getting to know each other. On the other hand, that’s how school friends become friends, also. I guess it’s legit. I do know some amazing, cool people through work. 

On Working Out:

Yesterday’s gym workout was great. I gave my absolute all. I managed a PR. (ha ha) because I am very new to running. I have gone from being able to run about a 1/2 block to being able to run about 2 miles on a treadmill at 5.6 mph average. Once I got my breath back and thought I was not going to die, I still managed to get a full hour and half workout with the elliptical and a bit more running/walking combo. I still believe that running on the treadmill is less challenging than the real road. I kept my incline at zero. There were no potholes to dodge or ladies with dogs and strollers to swerve around. NOT seeing an endless open road in front of me with no real end is also a big help. I get discouraged when I can’t see how far I have gone or how quickly. I don’t want to invest in a fancy gadget to wear on my arm to see that information. However, the time will come when I will leave the safe confines of the gym treadmill and actually run with my husband and family on the literal road, complete with hill challenges. Ugh. I am not amped about it at the moment. 

On Life:

Upon turning 44. Well, I am OK with it. It beats the hell out of not making it to 44. I think I have aged fairly well, and in many ways I am healthier now than ever. I gave up smoking four years ago. I gave up pigging out one year ago. My blood pressure is low. I work in an active job, where I don’t spend desk time on my butt. I am learning new things on a regular basis and my acne all cleared up about five years ago. Through my 30’s it was still obnoxious. Pro-activ, giving up sugar, and stopping the bad habit I had of putting my hands on my face all helped. But I think ultimately, a hormonal shift was mostly responsible. My kids are mostly grown, and I have a wonderful husband and marriage. I still need to work on my annoying Scorpio tendencies toward depression, jealousy, and insecurity. I recognize the problems, it’s just hard to be cured of them all at once. 

I believe my best is still yet to come, which will carry me through when my looks are ancient history. 

I am considering the following treat ideas for the day, which are non food-related:

1) Nails redone

2) Go see a movie

3) Buy a book or two that will transform my life. There’s a bookstore in the small town near me which is sadly going out of business. I should go support them as I can and buy a couple of books. Too little, too late I suppose, but I have never been a huge book buyer, even though I love reading. 

4) Bring a slice of cake over to my mom’s for each of us to enjoy together. After all, I wouldn’t have a birthday if not for her. Ok, that’s food related. OOPS!

5) Pedicure

6) Massage? But I was thinking to save that for a couple’s massage as an anniversary gift to my husband. 

7) A trip to the thrift store. 

8) A trip to the Frozen Yogurt place- get whatever I want and add goodies besides fruit on top! Ok, that’s food, too. 

9) Buy a perfume that I really like. 

10) All of the above!!

Now, I have to tell you that after today, I will be posting my carb counts and foods eaten and any weight fluctuations. Additionally, I will post about any post-splurge cravings for more carbs after the Birthday Extravaganza. 




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