Low-Carb Meatloaf and Carb-Kruncher’s Bagels

Well, it’s been a while since I blogged about low-carb. I’ve been cruising, but I did have a little slip, I confess. I ate too much of my low-ered carb cheesecake and probably too much of some other low carb fare and gained four pounds in about a 5-day span. One hard-core workout and a day of eating right, however, got me back in line. It’s so easy to creep into complacency. I wonder if there is any science to the idea that our bodies ‘wait’ for any morsel or scrap to come in that it can use to gain weight, under the assumption that we surely shall starve if the current low-carb diet continues. It’s silly, it’s just that it seems to happen so quickly.

On the topic of food, if you follow low-carb and are past the induction phase, you owe it to yourself to go to Viva Low Carb online and order their Carb Kruncher’s bagels, if nothing else. These are SO good. I have not been able to tell the difference between them and the ‘real thing’. The best part is that they are chock full of fiber, and some protein, and come in at 5 net gram of carbohydrate. Exciting, right??

In addition to making a great breakfast or snack, I discovered a new fabulous way to use them tonight at dinner. I love meatloaf, but with the breadcrumbs providing the binding that eggs alone can’t provide, I have missed out on meatloaf for a long time. Mine is good. No, not all dried out and covered with too-tart, dried-out tomato sauce. Anyway, I put a plain bagel in the food processor and added it to 1 1/2 lb of lean ground beef, 2 eggs, garlic, onion powder, salt and pepper to taste, and ….get ready….salsa and Mexican cheese. I decided it would be Mexican meatloaf. I could have added Tobasco, too, but I am out. Anyway- another note is that the cheese basically cooked out of it, but I thought I could still taste it. I added a bit more salsa and sour cream on top, but it was actually delicious without it. So there you go. You may notice that I am really bad at listing amounts on my recipes. That’s because I experiment a lot and eyeball everything. My measurements are generally “a handful of this” and a ‘smidge’ of that. Not very helpful for very careful cooks. But too many people I know are way too careful with recipes, and I feel this stifles creativity and flexibility. Having said that, a tried and true classic recipe that has to be exact should be followed- you don’t want to go and mess it up. But for me, discovery is the true joy of cooking. Some of the best foods I have had have some strange ‘secret ingredient’ that doesn’t seem to make any sense, and yet is the key to the whole recipe. Like putting vinegar in a chocolate cake recipe. Strange…yet amazing.

Had I been a rigid thinker, I would not have thought to food process my low-carb bagel and add it to my meatloaf. I might have thought of it but not tried it for ‘fear’ that it would be weird, or gross. But- logic won out. If I liked it as a bagel, and it very closely resembled the texture and flavor of bread, why wouldn’t it be good in the meatloaf?

Other experiments in the kitchen don’t always go so well. Some low-carb pre-made foods I have tried have been abominable. The crazy thing about those is that someone who is trying to actually make money approved the sale of these items. Did they taste it? Did they actually think it was good?

Anyway, the point is to try something new. Experiment. Get creative. Use what you have and be resourceful.

Carbs these days: I don’t always count every day, and that can sometimes get me into trouble. I still eat plenty of Atkin’s bars for my sweet tooth, the fiber, the protein, and mostly- the convenience. I do tire of their cost, however.

I have discovered plain, Greek yogurt and have been enjoying it in a myriad of ways. I make easy fro yo with it, frozen fruit, stevia and vanilla. Sometimes I just use vanilla, and pop it into the freezer, stirring it up multiple times. I really want a home fro yo soft serve maker for Christmas, if anyone who gives me gifts is reading this… Greek yogurt is great just refrigerated, too. I add fruit, or just vanilla. It makes a wonderful salad dressing base, and is a good, creamy ingredient in low-carb baked goods. I just really enjoy it .

I suppose I am getting 25-35 grams of carbs most days. Yes, even after ten months and an active life including workouts, I still can’t go above this range without seeing a weight gain. I do wonder how much a part plain old calories play into this, though.

My weight varies between 124- 126. I hit 129 this week and was back at 125 the next day. I have noticed when I drop below 123, my face looks too droopy and tired, and so I might not endeavor to go any lower at my age. This weight seems to suit me. I just want to continue to work out. I still am more sporadic than regular with it, but I am getting better. I refuse to blow off family or household obligations to work on my body. I have to fit it in.

My birthday looms in just 3 short days, and I am pondering my birthday treats ideas…I really don’t think I will want to consume 3000 calories in a day, so consider the following list to be just ideas that I might pursue. I won’t be eating everything on the list!

Breakfast: One chocolate eclair. One homemade Egg “McMuffin” with cheese. Coffee. Orange juice

Snack (tee hee!) Tortilla chips and nacho cheese sauce. Add guacamole, maybe salsa, too.

Lunch: A baked potato with ALL the works on top, and salad. Dessert: Key Lime Pie

Dinner: Steak and lobster, wine. HOT ROLLS with butter.

Dessert: A large piece of Birthday cake- of high quality!

Late Night Snack- Pizza or cheesesticks with sauce. Maybe even…CHOCOLATE CANDY??

Next Day- back to normal low-carb life on the strict. It might be awhile at five pounds gain, so I have to be ready for that very real potential reality.

That’s all the news in low-carb lifestyles for today, and maybe the week. Retail employment gets pretty busy this time of year. Please comment now and again, and thank you to everyone who follows and reads my blog!


7 thoughts on “Low-Carb Meatloaf and Carb-Kruncher’s Bagels

  1. Hi! This is Rossana, I am the owner of Viva Low Carb, I did not know you were one of our customers! I’ve been reading your blogs for about 6 months now, they inspire me a lot! Thanks for the mention! Really appreciate it! Have an awesome birthday, you have come a long way and deserve a little bit of bday cake LOL!!! Take care! Rossana

    • Thank you!! I am very flattered! I love the fact that viva Low Carb exists, and I order from you guys all the time. I don’t mind sending customers your way. Feel free to send readers my way- or free bagels. 😉

    • I think we’ve talked before about affiliate programs, but I don’t think this blogging platform at WordPress allows random ads that the users choose, only their pre-approved sponsors, like Word-Ads. However, I like mentioning your company just because I really appreciate your products, pricing, shipping speed, and quality. I hope you will be there for a long,long time!!

  2. How tall are you, Lee? I get the impression that you are at your ideal weight now and am maintaining. I was just reading last night that a major study showed that a BMI OVER ‘ideal’ (actually has a lower risk of mortality than people at an ideal weight. The premise of the book – ‘The Obesity Myth’ – states that our culture operates under an ‘anorexic mindset’ and our notions of ‘ideal weight’ are simply wrong.

  3. weight 123.6. Dimensions today: 34/27.5 /35. I wear small tops, and size 5 pants.
    One Year ago: weight 142. 34/31/38.7 with a small/medium top and size 10-13 pants, depending on maker and cut. I gain most of my weight in the hips and THIGHS first, which we, as women, don’t list in our measurements very often. My thigh at it’s largest spot is 21″. I don’t remember this with 100% accuracy, but I think the last time I measured it when I was still trying to lose, it was about 23.5.

    Remember how the ‘perfect’ dimensions are supposed to be 36-24-36 ? Well, my waist just doesn’t want to be that small, and my top half doesn’t want to be that big! When I was 18, and under severe stress/starving, I was at 31/23/32. So I can run too thin, and I was at 118 then. I don’t need to be that little. I am OK with where I am. I have also found that at age 43 (44 tomorrow) too much weight lost leaves my face looking haggard and gaunt. This makes me look older, and tired all the time. Not my ideal look. So no worries. Just remember that I have to be careful, since I have found that it is very easy to gain. It wasn’t too hard to lose again, though. That is a new feeling. Thanks for your concern.

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