Happy Birthday, Ashlyn Danielle!

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HAPPY 19TH Birthday, My Amazing, Adorable Ashlyn!! (October 18, 1993)

When the sun rises tomorrow, it will be 19 years that my daughter Ashlyn has been in this world. I think she has an old soul, though. Sometimes I think she would have been right at home in the late 1960’s-1970’s.

She reminds me so much of her dad, and of me, and yet so unlike us, too. The photo above is not my daughter, to the best of my knowledge, but looks SO much like her, and what she would do at the beach, that I had to borrow it.

She’s always been independent, fierce, tough, insightful, a bit stubborn, and exceptionally talented. She taught herself to crochet anything she wants after I taught her my pitiful chain stitch. She took piano lessons for about 2 years, and now has a CD out as a songwriter, composer, singer, and piano player. She picked up a paintbrush and on her first try, made amazing artwork. She can look at an empty space, and decorate it just to her style, however unconventional, and make it work. I think all her parent’s and grandparent’s talent passed through us and into her. It certainly skipped over me. But that’s OK. I can rejoice in her talents and abilities.

Inside her confident, sometimes stubborn exterior, there is a sweetheart with a very tender heart. She doesn’t suffer fools, however, and doesn’t always understand the value of agreeing to disagree.

She’s young, though. So much more to learn. And I have no doubt that she will learn.

Oh, in addition to the talents I have already listed, she is an amazing chef- going from a Baskin Robbins worker with heart to a sous chef in one of the best restaurants in town. She’s only 19. Without formal advanced education, she is already living the dream. She saves money better than I do, is smarter than I am, and the only thing I would change about her I don’t need to change- time and maturity will be all she needs.

Here’s to YOU, Ashlyn, my wee little hootlet, my superstar, my lovely, beautiful daughter. Happy Birthday!Image

Love You Forever So Much !! Mommy


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