Boring Breakfast But I like it! 2 Atkin’s Bars PB & Granola

Most mornings I start my day off with a lot of coffee and either Atkin’s bars or plain Greek yogurt that I add fruit or stevia and vanilla to. I like the Greek Yogurt, because there are only 9 grams carbs in the Fage or Greek God’s plain (7 for Greek God’s, actually) per serving. The recommended serving size is actually really large, so I probably get even less than that per serving. I like to add chunks of mango, or strawberries. I also just like it plain, with stevia to sweeten it up. I find these choices to be really easy when I need to be on the go. Both choices are great for stomach health. I am either getting a lot of fiber, active live cultures for the ‘gut’, or both. Either choice satisfies my hunger, are low in fat (not that I care, I promise), and keep me going until a mid-day snack, if I have time. If I eat at 7-9 a.m., I really don’t feel the need to snack before lunch, but if I eat at five or six in the morning, I am definitely hungry by 11 a.m.

Weight now: 125. I am happy at this weight. I am in a size 5 pant, and feeling fine. If I drop to 120, fine. If I gain to 127, that’s ok, but that is the top I want to get to.

I am maintaining now. I find that exercise just makes me feel good and keeps me energized and feeling toned and tight. I don’t like feeling flabby. Yes, you can be thin and flabby. Not a nice combo. ,Anyway, a snack might consist of a protein shake. ( 5 gr carb) I like adding spinach and carrots to berries in the smoothies I make with the protein.

Lunch is varied. It’s my favorite meal of the day. I like 2 baked chicken thighs with the skin with a small salad. I don’t skimp on dressing, but I try not to drown my food, either. I might have fresh steamed green beans instead, or even a sliced tomato. I also enjoy a nice chef salad, or grilled chicken. I add cheese, and hard boiled egg when I can.

My work routine is a bit different than my home one. I like carrying my bag of roasted, salted almonds to work as a snack. I also like bringing beef jerky. I love the CarbMasters low-carb yogurt, which I can only find where I work, at Fred Meyer. (Northwest chain owned by Kroger). I keep my choices simple quite often, not having time and energy for cooking all the time.

Home Meals for the whole family: We eat at Chinese/Japanese places a lot. This is not a ‘home meal’, but it’s something we can all eat, without any weird comments about my ‘low-carb weird lifestyle’. I choose things that are not breaded ( no sweet and sour, no orange chicken, No General Tsao’s) and I simply skip the rice. If it’s a highly corn-syrup -laden saucy dish, I ask for no sauce. It usually works out fine. I eat the hot and sour soup. It all works out. If we go to Taco Bell, I have the Taco Salad, and go lightly on the beans, and skip the ‘shell’. At most restaurants, I get salads. Some are absolutely spectacular!

Low- Carb Recommendations while eating out:

1) Shari’s Spring Spinach Omelette A standard favorite!

2) Shari’s Steak/blue cheese Salad. YUM

3) McDonald’s (yuck, I know) BLT Chicken salad or grilled chicken. You can go as lightly on the dressing as you wish. No croutons. But if you are forced to eat on the fly, there are now some good salad choices there. I don’t worry about calorie and fat amounts, just the carbs. That means no french fries, croutons, soda pop (obviously) or shakes.

4) Oriental: Chicken with Brocolli- no sauce, and skip the rice. Very easy. Sushi is low in carbs, with just a little rice, and it might be ok to go lightly on sushi. They are finding that seaweed is amazing for your health. It’s just that I hate sushi! I go to Fuji, and they make an amazing chicken salad- teriyaki smoked chicken, but with no sauce, really. Delicious. I usually have one or 2 tempura coated veggies. It’s some carbs, but again- I go easy on it. A special treat. I don’t think I will ever get to have my favorite again- crab puffs- but I do miss those.

5) You want a burger? Great! Have it on lettuce and tomato and throw on bacon and cheese on it, too. Just SKIP THE BUN!

Home: We generally eat simple fare, without a lot of complex ingredients, because with complex ingredients, there is too much of a mix of carbs and protein. For example, the casserole. No. So, I make grilled salmon with scalloped potatoes and rolls, and veggies. I just eat the salmon and veggies. Everyone’s happy.

The worst: When someone is all proud of their cooked creation- like twice baked potatoes, and then get all butthurt that you’re not eating them. Worse yet: They then ‘mmmn’ and “om-nom” throughout, to try and make you feel like crap or give in and have some.

The Ice Cream Shop: look for sugar-free choices. Better if you have Frozen Yogurt in sugar free, with fruit. However, if you are in the induction phase, the carb count will still be too high because of the milk content in the yogurt, sugar free or not. This can be torture. We went to a local Dry Ice created ice cream (the smoke, the mirrors) and they had run out of sugar free liquid to make my ice cream. I tried not to cry or drool as I watched everyone enjoying their Caramel Explosions on waffle cones and dishes of Chocolate Chunk Mint. I ended up watching Cars 2 or 3, trying to ignore the kids who eat their ice cream so friggin’ SLOWLY it’s almost kills ya.

So, those are the challenges lately. Now we have Thanksgiving coming up, and I am already planning to make my SF pumpkin pie on pecan crust, or low-carb cheesecake. I like the easy Jello version for just casual times, but for the big day, I will probably want to bake a cheesecake. Still, the Splenda aftertaste tends to annoy me, so I douse it all with lemon juice, which helps cut the bitter-sweet taste.

Any ideas on staying on the low-carb trail throughout the holidays in style?


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