High Carb Birthday Plans!

My birthday is November 13th. I have been on Atkin’s low-carb lifestyle now since January 11. I am holding steady at 123-126 lbs. My starting weight was 140-142. I was never obese, but I was always chunky on the butt and hips, and the love handles had to go. I want to tell you that one of the biggest challenges has been to ‘fight off’ the naysayers. Those who eat what they want and then just burn it off or exercise it off. Great for them! One is a very active 6’4″ man who has always been active, is not a big sweets eater, and knows when to say when, for the most part. He has lost nearly 20 pounds, as I have, by eating less, and working out. He also started it all with a 3-day cleansing fast. I have tried similar approaches in the past, many times. I was never able to stay on restricted calories for very long, as long as I ‘ate whatever I wanted”, because what I wanted was cakes, ice cream, pastries, Fiddle Faddle, Muddy Buddies, chocolate chip cookies, and Fast Break and Take 5 candy bars. Ok? You can’t eat much of that, in addition to regular meals, and maintain a decent weight. I am not one of those dainty ladies who can eat one or two bites of the best chocolate eclair in the world, stop, and say, “Oh, I’m stuffed. I can’t have another bite of this- too rich, but oh, so nice!” Yay, for those people. No, with me it’s like- “Hey- who ate one of my four eclairs?!”  Innocent child:  “But, you already had three yesterday, so I thought it would be OK…” Me;  “No, not really OK!” I would start my day with some cheap, nearly worthless bowl of sugar-oh’s and coffee. By ten or eleven I would be starving. Time for a quick snack before lunch. Maybe I would choose a granola bar or yogurt, full of sugar. Lunch, starved. Once again, the sugar in my blood crashed from being too high to start with, so I am now famished. I might even be shaking and sweating. Full-on hypoglycemia would ensue if I had to wait too long to eat. Then I would have a big sandwich, maybe some fruit, but I would still be craving a dessert after my meal. So time for more sugary garbage. This cycle continued. Afternoon break ? Time for a candy bar or danish with a diet coke! Yes, that was me! Water? Maybe 1-2 glasses. Vegetables? At dinner only, and very likely they would be worthless things like corn and potatoes.

And that was then. Now I am a much more calm and sane person. I have been dilligent to stay in low-carb land for every meal, every day. I did cheat once and had ONE slice of gross birthday cake with my mom for her birthday in June. I didn’t binge, I didn’t gain. I was blessed that it was poor quality grocery store cake. (sorry, mom!)

However, and this is the big however. I have decided that on my birthday, and on that day only, I will risk a five pound overnight gain, by eating whatever I want on that day. It might be that I still want salad and meat, of course, but I am making plans to allow for the fact that I may not. Sample menus for the BEST day of the year:

Breakfast of Champions: 2 eggs with an English muffin, buttered and jammed. Add bacon

Snack: Real bagel with cream cheese, fruit

Lunch: Pizza WITH the CRUST!!

Snack: Doritos and Cheetos. NO, Nachos!

Dinner: Steak and lobster, (low carb friendly) salad,  and a ROLL. Appetitizer: A chowder that has potatoes in it.

Dessert: Drum-roll, please: I haven’t decided for sure, but I am leaning toward real- Italian Spumoni, or my favorite Haagan Daas (sp?) Ice cream WITH some incredibly good cake. Not box cake, not grocery store cake. No, good cake. OR, cheesecake at Papa Hayden’s might do the trick. Actually, they have other things I like even more than cheesecake. I know, shudder the thought. But I like real cake- drenched in chocolate, or a caramel-spice-praline sort of thing. It’s fun just thinking about and planning for.  It’s like answering the question of  “If you won a million dollars (after taxes) , how would you spend it?”

Anybody else with ideas? Do you think I will regret this day-splurge? Do you think it will trigger my inner carb-addict? Will I just feel sick?


2 thoughts on “High Carb Birthday Plans!

  1. I’m not sure I see your point on the last one. Low carb isn’t ‘one-and-done’ – it’s a lifestyle. Sometimes you kick up your heels and have a pizza – then you come back to low carb. I see no problem or failure here.

    You almost seem to be saying: “why go on vacation? You’ll just have to go back home again afterward – might as well stay here and clean the toilet.” Of course, I might be missing your point as I said.

  2. The thing of it is, guys , is that I welcome and encourage the free exchange of ideas and dissenting voices. When I write, on my blog especially, I wish to make my opinion known, strongly, and I could give a rat’s ass if someone doesn’t like it. I don’t care if it’s politically correct, or if someone feels judged. Not my intention but I’m not here to walk on eggshells. I say what I want to. Reading nuetrality is boring. Be cold or be hot, but not lukewarm. So, just to clear the air, there it is . I respect you all and your thoughts and experiences are valuable. Keep the discussion flowing, and don’t worry if I express a different point of view. I’m ok with yours, too, even when I disagree.

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