Tuna Cakes- Experiment in Deliciousness!

Well, I wanted to make some good old fashioned comfort food for my lovely husband. Easy was also a priority. I created a tuna casserole, with it’s usual fatty goodness. One package of rotini pasta, maybe 12 ozs. 2 cans pure, white albacore, 1/2 pkg ( 4 oz) cream cheese, 2 eggs, (doing it over, would only use one), a 1/3 cup half -n-half, several ounces of Tillamook medium cheddar, and a generous portion of Jane’s Crazy Mixed -Up Salt, a household staple. Ok, cook pasta al dente, drain. Add to pre-mixed cheesy stew. Throw in 1/4 cup diced onion. Mix. Oven it up in a jaunty casserole dish for about a half hour. YUM. Oh, yeah- I almost forgot the 1/2 cup of ICBINB in this mix, but yeah- add that, too, or real butter. Go ALL out.

Anyway, low carb and casserole don’t mix, do they now? So, I also made salad, but was drooling over the tuna idea. It smelled heavenly. So, I oiled up a pan lightly and decided I would just pan fry it up and eat it atop my salad. AND OMG, was it GREAT! Melty cheese, browned tuna, egg holding it’s patty constitution together. All came together in a symphony of flavor and texture. I am definitely having tuna cakes again. Yes, I know the tuna melt is not a new concept, but this was much better than canned tuna with just cheese on top. Much better.

So, I thought I would share this idea with you, because you can make the same 2-part harmony at home, too. One meal for the carb- cutter, and one for the rest of the pack, who all think you’re mad anyway and who are, after this many months, telling you low-carb can’t last forever, and that you no longer have any tits because you’ve lost so much weight. News FLASH- I never had more than an A-cup anyway, the only B was only the result of an also very giant rear, which was not offset by enough breast to be acceptable.

I digress. Eat TUNA!

Lee Kirsten


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