Young- Minded

I have never been one too keen on sentimentality. This, I believe, is the result of having to part with things and people so much in my life, that I realized long ago that things don’t carry meaning. People and their memories do. However, about photographs I am particularly sentimental. I love to see how we keep changing over the years. I love to see photos of my children. I take everything in. What an ugly sofa we had back then. Which toys were the girls playing with? Oh, look- Ash still had some baby teeth in that one! I notice the red noses from the latest cold they had, or the fact that my daughter was washing dishes while standing on a plastic step stool designed for brushing teeth. She was wearing her little girl undies under a one-piece bathing suit. Priceless. Then there are photos of times, people, and places we’d almost forgotten. Seeing them again, so much younger, brings back a lot of memories.

I say I am not sentimental….Perhaps I am just lying to myself and everyone else. I cried when my Saturn finally blew up. I’d had that car for about ten years. My husband repaired it. Prior to that, the car ran  zero maintenance other than tires, brakes, and oil changes. My beloved car served me and my girls faithfully until the bitter end. The car had over 300k miles on it when my daughter parked in the wrong spot, it became impounded, and the lovely people at the towing company wanted us to pay $1,500 ransom to get it out. See ya, Saturn.

I believe that staying in the present, and not feeling the need to continually live in the past, the ‘glory days’, is what keeps us young-minded and moving forward to new learning and greater challenges. It drives me crazy when people over fifty have this deep need to share with anyone and everyone how much better and different it was ‘back then’. There is a time and place for history telling. I am all for keeping a journal of the good ol’ days, and I applaud anyone who wants to re-establish ways of the past that are better than the way things are done, now; for instance, men and boys wearing their pants as to completely cover their rear-ends.

It’s always interesting, also, when people who are in their twenties don’t know what an 8-track is, or fail to understand any of my pop-iconic references. When I make a stupid joke which involves looking up at an overhead prop plane and then pointing up while lisping, “Duh plane, boss, duh plane”, I just get looks one saves for a special group in society that most of us might call ‘completely mad’.

Another phrase I hate to hear, and hate even more when it pops out of my blather-hole, is “Nowadays”. If I don’t like something that’s new, I don’t blame it on the newness of it. I simply dislike it. If my daughter turns on some music I don’t like, I don’t feel the need to give her a lecture about how ‘today’s music don’t have the same soul, I like that old time rock-n-roll”, I just say, “Turn that crap off, please. I am so not in the mood.” I would say the same thing if my mom turned on her ‘easy listening’ instrumentals and sappy songsters crap. Wait- I would not say that to my mom, because she’s my mom. I would just daydream of a dull knife in the eye while figuring out which appointment I can make up that I just ‘have to’ be to- right now.

The point of it all is, don’t get too attached to the past. And don’t get too caught up in the now, because tomorrow it will be history. Finally, don’t worry about the future. You will still be seen as an old fart no matter how progressive you may wish to believe yourself to be. I will keep you all posted when this phenomenon finally occurs to me, but until then, stay young-minded. Don’t be afraid to do something different, and to embrace something new.

They say there is truly nothing new under the sun, after all. It’s all been done, whether in toga or pajama jeans. By the way, I hate those! Nowadays people think being couch-comfy is more important than being well-dressed and presentable. Back in my day, we wore crotch cutting jeans and we were proud of it! 😉


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