The Short and The Short of It

Hey, all you Low-carb and Life blogging fans! Thanks for reading my stuff, and liking it, too. I have not a lot of new material to add in the low-carb area. I have been keeping up with it. I have noticed tiring of the same old fare, but the only thing missing is my originality in finding new ways to stay on track. However, I am still human. I still crave being able to just order whatever I want off a menu without worrying, “does this have hidden carbs?” I also miss being able to enjoy a decadent, junky bag of Cheetos, or Doritos. I wish I could establish a healthy balance- where I could be content with a few bites of chips or half a cupcake. I yearn to experience Gelato…I miss the Patty Melt on Rye- etc. Then I rally and move on. I admire Low-Carb Confidential and his new approach at balance, but I can’t seem to go over about 35 grams of carbs per day without gaining weight. I have worked hard to get where I am, and don’t want to give it up, so I keep at it. I realize that maybe for me, sugar will always be the trigger for yet another of my addictions.

Addictions. How prone to them I am! I smoked, gave it up and went for nicotine gum, that I still chew, 2 years later. I used to live from one dessert type food to the next, and I still have to constantly push back from overdoing alcohol. Why? Because I am constantly craving something. I believe it is God, but I don’t know how to let God replace this hunger, like LCC talks about.

Yoga and Meditation- In times of trouble, stress, and other negative emotions, it is human nature to turn to some comfort. Where do we find it? Unhealthy fixes- a half gallon of ice cream and a box of Kleenex. A pint of Jack Daniels or Pyramid Apricot Ale. Maybe a pack of smokes, or more gum?? NO, not the right way. How about prayer, meditation, listing things in life I am grateful for? What about dancing to great music, a jump on the trampoline, or a long walk? Yes, and there’s this. I imagine a pond of water,

and in this pond, all is calm and quiet. There’s not a ripple. Silence presses in and lifts simultaneously. I listen, and feel the rhythm of life all around me. The rhythm of my heartbeat, as constant as long as it is- until at once it ceases. What will it matter, in the end? Who will give a rat’s ass what I ate, or didn’t? Birds chirp, the sun shines, wind blows through the leaves. Food is not important. It will be here. I am not missing out on anything. I have all that I need.

I can find all that I need, by listening to what is already inside, outside, all around. Sometimes all I need, is just the air I breathe. Wait, isn’t that the line from some cheesy ABBA song? Ugh!


Don't Keep Your Silence!

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