Like Nike

I read about many of my fellow weight loss bloggers who seem to know exactly how to achieve success- those who have discovered all the tricks and tools, but who are still struggling. Let me submit that there is not another trick, method, or plan that you need.

You only lack one thing- doing it- and doing it consistently. Don’t be surprised if you’re not seeing results if your efforts are inconsistent. I’m not saying give up if today was pizza and ice cream day- no, but keep pressing forward toward the goal. Set your mind that TODAY, I will be master of my own body. THIS moment, I will NOT let stress or fatigue be an excuse to pig out! Imagine that someone promises you a cool million dollars if you eat right and exercise 3 days a week for a year. You will be monitored for honesty/ adherence . I bet 90% of us would have roaring success. So, nobody is going to hand us that cool million, but how much is your healthy heart worth? Being active with and for your family? Having more stamina and endurance at work and play? How valuable is the feeling of triumph over failure? How good does it feel to not have to buy 46-54 inch waist pants or have to buy 2-4x size specialty garments? Think about the value of these things that money could not buy you- pride, rising to a challenge, being able to hold your head higher, being able to take it or leave it when it comes to junk food, but mostly leave it- because you’re no longer a slave to your own addictions. So be Like Nike. Just do it and stop sniveling.


Don't Keep Your Silence!

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