When your Husband gets free Olympic Trial Tickets Handed to him in a Parking Lot…

What a lucky guy! Or maybe he just has really good Karma. I can accept that. My sweetie went out with my stepdaughter to the Y to do some running today, and while in a grocery store parking lot, a random stranger approached and noted that my husband was an obvious Duck fan. He sports all the regular fan gear- big O in the back window of his Duck yellow Mazda Protege, Green and Yellow Duck sweatshirt, etc. So the guy says he can’t make it to the track and field Olympic trials going on at the U of O  today, and offers my husband and daughter absolutely free tickets! Amazing, right? And awesome! My husband and his daughter just took first and third place in a  5k last night, and of course are huge track and field fans. My husband set a record in high school for high jump and is a coach for his daughter and son’s teams right now! Just perfect. So, they are no doubt having a great time and taking lots of pictures. 

I took my stepson to a movie and we ate dinner. Brave was a great flick, I must say. Tonight is just a quiet night with Disney TV and the farting dog. I might have her beat on that one tonight, actually. But I am off of work, with lots of time for devoting to some quality blogging time. 


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