Low Carb Stuffed Bell Peppers

Last night was ‘use what ya got” night. I was hungry after work and sans family, so a bit of rummaging ensued. Whatever I ate had to meet certain criteria. I wanted something hot, relatively fast, low-carb, and satisfying. It also needed to have a decent amount of protein and fat content in it to be a real meal. So, I found a bell pepper, and wondered what I might have to stuff it with. I decided the frozen hamburger patty would do, but what else? Cheese on top was a no- brainer, but it needed something in it besides meat and I am not currently eating rice. What I had was a Normandy mix of vegetables, frozen. I didn’t want huge pieces of veggie in this, so I decided to chop them up very finely in the food processor. I mixed that 1/2 cup of veggie mix into my patty that was thawed and broken into pieces by now and threw in some soy sauce, hot sauce, and garlic granules. I stuffed this mix into the pepper, and added some sour cream, because I like sour cream in just about everything! OK, I put cheese on top- Mexican mix-  and popped this  into the preheated 365 degree oven for about 30 minutes. Yes, it was yummy. And the really fun part about this is that you can change up the filling, and the type of pepper. I imagine my next stuffed pepper is going to be tuna, with cheese and a tomato slice on top…keep checking back for more easy, delicious recipes (or instructions) to use for low-carb eating or anytime!


3 thoughts on “Low Carb Stuffed Bell Peppers

  1. This stuffed pepper will exude a lot of juice if you are not using rice or breadcrumbs in your mix. Naturally, my addition of sour cream, hot sauce and soy sauce also contributed. The pepper doesn’t soak up the juice, obviously- it actually adds more of it, so keep that in mind. I look forward to making a stuffed red bell pepper with tuna and either swiss or cheddar on top. I also think that finely chopped mushrooms would go wonderfully with the green pepper, a sausage/ground beef mix, bacon pieces and Swiss on top, or a smoky provolone. The options are many with this.

    • I really like this idea, and you inspired me to bring home some tofu. I enjoyed a scramble with this just yesterday, and my daughters appreciated the cruelty-free aspect, which I am beginning to appreciate as well.

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