Weight 128 and Feeling Great!

So, after working out fairly regularly for several weeks (average 3x per week, at one hour, 3 weeks) and keeping my diet at the same basic 25-35 grams of carbs per day, I’ve taken off another couple of pounds!! So, at the beginning of this journey in January, I was at 140-142, consistently. So I’ve lost about 12-13 pounds, which is fairly significant on my 5’4″ frame!

My fitness routine consists of a strong basis in cardio, but that’s not all . I also have discovered the amazing strength benefits of the rower. I’ve also dropped in on Zumba, yoga-lates, cardio pump, and my new Brazil Butt workout classes. I believe that cardio needs to be combined with muscle sculpting and flexibility, and backed up with a good diet! My splurge is a weekly sugar free frozen yogurt with fruit on top. I have had a piece of cake but it grossed me out. I was shocked ! I did not want more, and I burned it off.

For all of you who diet only, as I did in the beginning, I have to say that the exercise plays a huge role in not only how quickly you will lose, but in building lean, tighter body mass that makes you feel strong and healthy. A skinny butt is not as nice as a fit and firm one. On that note, I have a long way to go in that department, but I am Working, literally, on it!! Today, there’s a class at 9. It’s advanced yoga- lates. Maybe I’ll go and fall on my face, and ache all over for days. It’ll be awesome! So, be inspired that hard work does pay off! Challenge yourself and kick the ends out of whatever box you may be in.


Don't Keep Your Silence!

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