Month five of Atkin’s, 129-130 pounds and much more exercise! Still in OWL

Been working out at the gym, getting harder thighs, it’s great. The strangest thing is that the largest muscle in the body, the gluteus maximus, is the hardest to really target and work for me. But things that have been helping are lots of cardio and the bike, specifically. I try to keep the workouts varied because i figure one set of sore muscles can have a day off while I scorch some others. I got Leandro Carvahlo’s Brazil Butt (lift) DVD’s and the first workout of the first day almost killed me. I couldn’t really keep up, but I did the best I could. I have definitely felt it. I like working out now that I have gotten used to doing it, and I don’t want to stop. I really feel like I am happy with my body more, and I feel stronger, healthier, and my moods have gotten better.

As for food, I have actually eaten cake! I had a piece of red velvet cake for my mom’s 70th birthday yesterday. It was completely not worth it. Seems my taste for sweets has truly diminished, and I am happy about that. I also did not gain weight overnight, which is also a joy.

I also demystified sweets yesterday, and that was a victory. I didn’t want more, I actually wanted to un-eat that cake. My mom would not have cared a whit had I not partaken.

Other news: Is is just me or is there something incredibly CREEPY about that Sweet Genius guy on the Food Network? He’s nice enough, I guess, but in that way you might expect to be a thin disguise for incredibly…creepy. 🙂 for yummy baked low carb treats.

Weight loss. I actually got down to 129 for 2 days. It was a brief thrill. I don’t know why staying in the one-twenty somethings should be hard , but my body is resisting, despite exercise which has been regular. More lately than ever in my life, with the exception of the time in my teens when I worked at a car wash all day.

Ok, this is Sunday, and I work at 11:15. I need to get up and into the shower soon and go be a cashier. All day. Tomorrow I find out if I got the job I have been wanting for over five years. Wish me luck, gang!


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