Atkin’s Ongoing Weight Loss, and Working out with my Sweetheart

OWL is Atkin’s lingo for ongoing weight loss. I have been maintaining my 25-30 grams of carbs per day, mostly out of habituation. It has become pretty easy to just naturally stay in that zone. I decided to add more regular workouts since joining the Y. I’ve done lots of bike, elliptical, a cardio-pump class, yoga-lates, and Zumba. It’s been fun, and I truly enjoy challenging myself to do all I can do. It’s hard work, and it takes commitment, but after a while, you start craving that exercise time.

130 seems to be my new normal, and I am OK with my weight. At this point, I am working on fine-tuning. I can lose plenty of weight and still not be happy with the shape of certain parts of my anatomy. Yeah, my bum-bum. So, I ordered the Brazil Butt-lift, and as soon as I’ve had time to get it here and start using it, I will keep everyone posted as to how it’s working, so that if you’d been curious and wanting to try it, I can let you know if it’s worth it. I believe it will be, especially when added to the work I’ve already been doing at the gym. One more note- the rowing machine has been the most amazing workout for my abs EVER. There is no way to NOT isolate the abs when using the machine, and it feels like a wonderful all-over workout, additionally. I am already seeing results, but slowly.

Food has been basically the meat-topped salads, the chicken sausage and sauteed or stir-fried vegetables, and protein shakes. (Not Atkin’s, but regular vanilla whey protein powder- tasty and much more economical) It’s by Cytosport and comes in a 6 lb bag. We get it at Costco because it’s priced well there. The price recently did go up, but a bag of this will last me over 6 months easily, and usually longer.It has gone up in price from about $26 to $40, but it’s still a bargain. If I compare the cost to the ‘convenient’ pre-made Atkins shakes, that 4 of cost between $5 on sale, up to 8.50, there is absolutely no comparison in price. There are SEVENTY-FIVE servings per bag. Each ‘serving’ is a scoop per 15 ounces of milk or water. An Atkin’s shake is about 6-8 ounces. Per the ounce, the powder is half the cost.  I also eat a lot of almonds and macadamia nuts, and I do use the Atkin’s bars and treats quite a lot. I keep an eye on calories, only because I know it’s easy to overeat while still keeping carbs low. Cheese and salad dressing and even nuts are high calorie, so low-carb or not, I try to keep them in reasonable portion sizes. For example, I know that one sandwich slice of cheddar or swiss is about 110 calories. Almonds come in at 1.5 oz bag for 150-170. Working out with the machines at the gym is great because the extra benefit of seeing how many calories you’ve burned is wonderful. An hour on that bike burned 500 calories. I burned 420 with 45 minutes of elliptical. I keep my heart rate at 155-165, my goal range for my age, weight, and gender.So, with working out, and still keeping my carb/calorie intake the same, I am sure to see results. The best result will be tighter muscle tone and less flabby jiggle on my thighs, butt, and hips. Actual pound loss will come when it comes. As long as I keep up with this, I will be doing well.

Working out with my husband is fun. We are both very focused, and tend to keep our eyes forward while we work out.  I think we go longer and harder because the other is watching, and to an extent, no one wants to be the first to quit. Since we’ve both been committing to an hour, though, this isn’t too much of a challenge. He is a track, cross-country, and basketball coach at his kid’s school, and he longs for the days when his lean, tight physique was at around 185-187 pounds, not at 209-212. So, he embarked on his first ever Speed Loss super cleansing system thing. It’s 2 days of teas, potions, powders, and pills combined with daily cardio and cleansing, (think senna, mallow, psyllium husks) to drop those 5-10 lbs fast. Then, to not undo your mostly fluid and waste loss, you’re supposed to keep up with the healthy diet and exercise. I hope this works for him, but I must say that exercising without solid food in your system on day 2 was really tough for him. I understand that. He was also practically drooling over my tuna on a lovely green salad, sprinkled with seasoned, roasted almonds. Yeah, I’m sorry. I might have chosen such a fast system in the past, but I have learned that for me, there will be a rebound ravenous hunger after this type of thing that will be nearly impossible to resist and might cause me to ingest large volumes of various non-nutritious things. Think- bag of Doritos, washed down with diet root beer and followed up with pizza, then ice cream. I really haven’t had any of those foods for many months now. January 11 was day one for me on Induction. So, I have crossed over to five months- plus, and I am feeling pretty good. I am not struggling with cravings, not relaxing my standards ‘just this once’. Wait, I did have sugar free frozen yogurt with fruit, and despite my worries, I didn’t gain any weight. It was covered only in fruit, and it was a delightful treat. I have resisted the sugar free fro-yo for all these previous months, because it was still too high in carbs, due to the milk content. Now, I will allow the occasional SUGAR FREE fro -yo.

One thing I noticed, while eating that yogurt, and also the low-carb pound cake, that because of the inherent flour and milk sugars in those items, I definitely felt I needed to have MORE. It was hard to fight.

I don’t miss pasta, but sometimes rice. I don’t miss bread, but do miss things like muffins. I know those are my drugs of choice, like cookies and cake, though, so I have to keep passing on those. I don’t know when I will be ready, if ever, to go back to the cookie, cake, and ice cream lifestyle. It never got me anywhere but wanting more. If anyone doesn’t believe that you can become addicted to certain foods, then I am glad you feel that way, because it probably has never happened to you, or you never recognized it as such. OK, sometimes I do miss Cheetos and Doritos, it’s true. I miss being able to get whatever I want at Taco Bell. But, I know I can’t go back. There’s so much else  in life to explore besides food. There’s also LIFE outside of FOOD that I need to keep living! I look forward to a new job opportunity, voiceover work, being a parent, taking care of my mom, loving my husband, kids, and step-kids, embracing new healthy habits and lifestyles, and so much more!

I hope all of you are having good low-carb weeks! I am going to develop a  news commentary segment of my blog, too, where we can all comment on the stupid, depressing, and also interesting news items that we keep being bombarded with. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Atkin’s Ongoing Weight Loss, and Working out with my Sweetheart

  1. I think a lot of women especially have body dysmorphia. They compare themselves with the waifs on magazine covers with near Barbie Doll proportions and feel inadequate.

    I found this link to a website for women to post pictures of what real women look like for other women:

    It sounds to me like you’re doing a lot that will contribute to your long-term health – that’s a heck of a lot more important than looking like photoshopped female mutants.

    Ever see the pics that Jamie Lee Curtis had a photog take of her ‘before’ the photoshoot?

    God, I have a lot of respect for her – and she’s beautiful without being ‘perfect’.

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