Today’s Most Amazing Workout and the Day’s Sample Diet

Today I decided to take advantage of my new Y membership. There was a class called Cardio Pump, which I had not heard of, and didn’t really know what was, but I was going to go, because the Zumba class is only in the mornings. I couldn’t go to the morning class because I ended up spending 2.5 hours getting my car aligned, and it still drives straight when the steering wheel is cocked at 11:30 to the left. I digress.
Well, the Cardio Pump kicked my butt from the first minute! We did squats with heavy bars, we did push-ups on giant balls, we did a ton of various arm workouts with weights and bars, and a LOT of reps! I am glad I did this, and will be back. Everything in my body is sore. This is no P-90X, to be sure, but quite a bit more than I would have endured without someone watching. My pride kicks in and I just won’t quit. I won’t be that quitter who just can’t take it. I have to admit, though, that I was very close. My right arm just about completely stopped functioning. I am left-handed, so maybe that’s why. I almost fell on my face after so many lunges, but I kept pushing through. I am totally feeling it now. Tomorrow, I sense a few doses of ibuprofen will be needed, and I am really glad to be off of work tomorrow.

Today’s eating: Taking advice from a fellow blogger, I really focused today on only eating when hungry. I wasn’t too hungry all day, but of course- I did eat. Breakfast was one Atkin’s bar (3 grams) at around 7, then a brunch of egg and cheese on low carb tortilla, a few strips of crispy bacon, and a few strawberries with whipped cream. Total carbs here- 8-10.

I had nothing else to eat until dinner. Dinner was grilled salmon and broccoli. Carbs? 3. Dessert: a Carb-Master yogurt with a bit of whipped. 5. Daily total- 21. but we must add about 3 for my coffees in the morning, so 24. My goal now is 25-30, easily do-able. After my intense work-out class, I also spent about 20 minutes of combined time on walking fast on the treadmill and the stairclimber. Not a bad day in low-carb land, and I am feeling fitter already.

I have spent too much of my life wasting time, eating way too much junk food, and being a couch potato! While I cannot promise you I won’t fall back into my previous ways someday, I have to wonder why I would want to go back to that? I am getting older, and there will come a day when I will be old. I cannot predict what strange maladies may befall me. Arthritis? Cancer? Brittle bones? But even if I stay healthy, everybody dies. I want to know that I managed to take the gift of life I was given, and that I gave back by taking care of this gift, and doing all I could do to stay productive and active. There are no guarantees in life, except death and taxes, but why not prove to myself just what I could do IF ONLY.

What could you do, IF ONLY… ?


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