Low-carb and Cruising right Along- and some Product Reviews

Well, I haven’t been blogging much about low-carb, because I have settled in to my 132-3 and don’t seem to be too worried about really losing a lot more weight, just maintaining the loss I have. My body seems to have adjusted to about 25-30 grams per day. I sometimes have less, but not intentionally more. I have discovered new low-carb treats to add to my snack food agenda. First, the good- Emerald dark cocoa covered almonds. A lot of nice chocolate/almond flavor with the same 3 grams of net carbs as regular almonds. These also do well in the food processor to supplement my almond flour for cheesecake crust. Speaking of cheesecake, I made one last night which turned out quite nicely. I would change one thing- use just 3 eggs with 3 regular packs of cream cheese, a cup of sour cream, 4tbls lemon juice concentrate, vanilla (2 teaspoons) and splenda to taste. I did not measure, sorry. I just kept dumping it into the mixer bowl and taste testing it until I was happy with it. The sour notes from the lemon and sour cream help cut that “gee, this must be Splenda-sweetened” phenomenon. The other thing about Splenda is that is tends to be foamy and fluffy. A dense, creamy texture can be had if you take my advice and only use 3 eggs, at the most. Otherwise, though- quite nice. I found a bit of nutmeg over the almond flour crust also made the flavor more interesting and somehow more authentic. If you need more info for this recipe, let me know. I can tell you the methodology. I must say, I liked Cheesecake Factory’s low carb version of cheesecake better, but I am still learning. The worst version I ever made calls for gelatin, and it’s just pretty poor. Speaking of poor, I will now move on to my reviews of other low-carb endorsed items that I don’t like at all. Someone suggested pork rinds. I tried them. I tried them with pico de gallo. I tried them alone. They just gross me out, and that’s just the way it is. Also, Splenda and cocoa brownies with almond flour. Baked them today. Ok if I am really desperate, but s.f. jello is better. Unfortunately, I ate all the whipped cream, so won’t be having that extra special goodness WITH the Jello, but that’s the way that goes. I have a whipped cream addiction now.

Exercise- A gal from work and I have started walking the park lap. It’s 3.59 miles all the way around, and we walk it very briskly, occasionally breaking into a run or jog. It’s a good workout, if we can just keep with it, it should help with muscle tone.

New experiment- for about a week I have been sampling Nivea’s “My Silhouette”, a ‘redefining’ gel that promises amazing results if used consistently for four weeks. It’s supposed to smooth my lumpy fat zones. OK, sure. For $3.50 a bottle, I can just barely wait to see the astounding results! Still, here I am using it every day. Faithfully. I am probably a dupe.

Finally, there’s the brand name of low-carb pancake mix- Was it Walden Farms? I am not sure. I like their zero calorie strawberry spread, especially in my plain greek yogurt, but I don’t like the pancake mix. It’s just- not worth the hassle to mix it up, and not a good value for what you pay. Better to have an Atkin’s bar.

I’m continuing to preach the word about the value of kicking most of the sugar out of one’s diet, but people still think they’re doing well to get turkey bacon and still eat the Hostess Ding-Dong’s and Valu-Tub ice cream. Sigh…

New goal: 125 lbs. Pounds to lose- 7. Method? I am really not sure. I suppose I would have to further decrease carbs back to a strict 20 and make sure to get a consistent FOUR hours of hard cardio workout in every week. I’ll let you all know when I start consistently doing that. Tomorrow would be a great day to work out and to retool my carb intake.

Take care, every one of you low-carbers, and let me know how it’s going! OK? Lee


7 thoughts on “Low-carb and Cruising right Along- and some Product Reviews

    • I refuse to fail! Well, this week anyway .:) Did you read my response to your Empty Pew post? It was quite a great post you did there, by the way!!

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