132 lbs and holding. Over three months of Atkin’s.

I can’t believe it’s been just over three months. It seems like six or seven. In fact, every few weeks I do the count, and it’s still at like 3 months. I started induction in earnest on January 12. Here it is April 16, so yeah- three months and a week. Not much time, eh? The first three weeks I saw nothing going on with the scale to indicate success. I cut back on portions, watched out for hidden carbs, re-educated myself on the science of Atkin’s by buying a new copy of the book, and finally began to see results. I added occasional exercise because I tend to be a couch potato at home, or housekeeping, but not chasing the cardio. At work, which is 20-32 hrs per week, I stand, walk, lift, and generally move like crazy. I guess that does count for something, but again- it’s not hard core cardio, and I don’t break a sweat. 

Time went on, and I stayed true to the plan. I am in OWL phase now, which means I allow myself 25-30 grams of carbohydrate per day. Whereas before, all my carbs came from veggies and whatever scant amounts are in salad dressing and cheese, I now allow myself nuts, berries, and other sugar free treat products which I denied myself before, just in small quantities. 

An example of this new treats thing is the Breyer’s ice cream or fudge bar. These are a net gram carb count of 3 for the fudge, and 5 for the ice cream bar. I don’t have it every day, and they have not caused gain nor caused me to binge. The other new addition is the Murray’s sugar free fudge covered wafer. I can have two of those for 3 grams. Some products, especially those labeled ‘sugar free’, and not ‘low carb’ require calculations to get the net gram count. First, subtract any fiber. Next, subtract grams of sugar alcohol- those are not processed by the body. Another thing to keep in mind is that because they are not processed by the body ,but eliminated with great haste and often chaos, eat those things high in sugar alcohols with much caution, or you could have some very embarrassing and painful episodes. So, the sugar free candy that has 19+ grams of sugar alcohol per 2 piece serving that you ate ten of? WATCH OUT WORLD. When your stomach starts gurgling and churning and something smells like the sewer lines backed up, just go have some quality time in the restroom. Don’t come out for a while, bring War and Peace in there with you. 

Another new fun product was the sugar free strawberry preserves – zero carbs, and pairs nicely with almond butter on a low carb tortilla. Yum.



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